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  • I'm back & I have been vary busy learning while I have been away . I hope you are all well .
    Hi I'm not sure how to seperate the relevent pages from the document so I'll have to send the whole thing which is only 33.3kb if you send me your email I'll get onto it there is lots of other stuff that you may or may not find interesting
    hi, are you wanting to forge or cast? I ask because you don't need a melting pot or ladle for forging, only handling liquid metal as in casting! Easiest place to find forging gear (hammers, tongs, forge, anvil, etc) is ebay or look up local blacksmiths and see if they have anything they would like to sell. Ebay again for casting kit (crucibles, other tongs, furnace, etc).

    Hope that helps a little. Start by working out what you want to make and then look at the kit needed ;)

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