Bushcraft UK group Expeditions and Courses


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Bushcraft UK group Expeditions and Courses.

Want to take part in an expedition, course or workshop, but are finding it hard to justify the cost in the present climate? Then we believe we have the answer.

Inspired by members of the Bushcraft UK community and in response to popular demand we have been in negotiations with some of the leading expedition and bushcraft companies both at home and abroad with a view to providing you the bushcraft uk members with great expeditions and courses at affordable prices.

Using the power of the group consumer we are planning no frills, down to earth instruction and opportunities the world over.
All the favourites are being discussed such as the Arctic, African bush and Jungle trips with many others such as desert island, North American, horseback and Eastern European expeditions being just a few.

Based on the same principles as a group buy, which have proved so effective, we can get some excellent value for money trips to suit every ones tastes and purses.

So how will this all work? Simple! If there’s enough people interested we will negotiate and make it happen. It’s as easy as that. This is where you the Bushcraft UK community members come in.

We intend planning trips "designed for the members, by the members, and with ALL the members in mind"

All the trips will be totally transparent. We will negotiate on your behalf and publish a full "cards on the table" itinerary of what's on offer. There will be no hidden costs such as airport transfer fees, specialist equipment fees, insurances or the likes. All instruction will be in English, full medical cover will be provided and appropriate health and safety/risk assessments complied to. Any additional activities will be negotiated in the same way, using the power of the group to get the best prices possible.

We will also negotiate dates that will allow every one time to plan and save and there will be a cut off date. If we have the interest in what's on offer by that date - it will happen – it’s as simple as that. A win win situation for all.

The expeditions and courses will be researched and arranged to take advantage of good value travel opportunities making them as affordable as possible, we’re aiming for value rather than just good looks.

There will also be the opportunity to create bespoke expeditions to locations that you choose - anything is possible!

To that end, we’re interested in your feedback. This will help shape the expeditions and courses you want and help in how we organise them.

In the very near future we will be launching some polls to get your thoughts and ideas but feel free to share your views now for all to read in this thread or if you would prefer, email us privately on info@bushcraftuk.com

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and getting this on the road.

Many thanks

Chris the Cat

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Jan 29, 2008
This is what I have been waiting for !! Very well done to you all and count on my support and confirmed interest. ( I am guessing that we may have some thanks to put TeeDees way as well Tony,Am I right?!!)


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Jul 16, 2006
Great idea Tony, I have to say I am one person who begrudges paying half a months wages for a 2-3 day course!
Thanks for the hard work.


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Feb 3, 2009
Swindon, Wiltshire
I'm very interested in participating in a week long Bushcraft course later in the year. I can't commit to anyting at the moment as I am undergoing rehabilitaion treatment for cerebellitis.
Thanks for the good work on this.


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
I've had a number of requests to give info on the Arctic exped we're working on, details so far:


The Bushcraft UK, Arctic skills course is a 7 day (fully inclusive) Arctic bushcraft and survival course led by uk guides/instructors. The course is a "no frills" low cost opportunity for members of the Bushcraft UK community to experience top of the range instruction, 400km inside the Arctic Circle.

During the course students will be expected to participate in routine tasks around the camp such as firewood collection, cooking and general camp duties. Accommodation will be in heated tents and shelters (sleeping in shelters is optional).


Course provider: Bushcraft Expeditions.
Minimum numbers: 16
Minimum age: 18 (17 if accompanied by an adult) Go/No go date : TBC (although we're thinking of next Feb :D )
Accommodation: Tents and shelters.
Cost: nearly finalised but we're looking at £425 or less (we're aiming for less :D)

7 day itinerary. Arriving day one/departing day seven.

Subjects covered:

1. Outfitting for the cold environment.
2. Dressing for the cold environment.
3. Daily routine and considerations for working in the cold environment.
4. Cold injuries their recognition, prevention and medical procedures in the cold environment.
5. Cutting tools in the cold environment, their selection safe use and maintenance.
6. Shelters. (Quincy, Arctic lean to, emergency shelters) snow holes and igloos - (conditions permitting) 7. Fire lighting and fire husbandry in the extreme cold.
8. Improvised Snow shoe construction and snow shoeing techniques.
9. Arctic Tracking and wild life observation.
10. Ice Fishing.
11. Ice crossing procedures.
12. Trapping in the Arctic.
13. Tent/camp routine in the extreme cold.
14. Signalling.
15. Water procurement, carriage and preparation for consumption in the Arctic.
16. Field cookery in the extreme cold.

Included in the price:

1. Full instruction in Arctic Bushcraft and Survival from UK/English speaking Guides.
2. All internal transfers from the designated meeting point.
3. Heated Tentage/accommodation. (Shared)
4. Camping fees (private land and National park)
5. Fully trained on site medical cover.
6. Full board. (3 meals a day plus hot drinks)
7. Bushcraft UK Arctic Course certificate.
8. Pre course UK briefing and kit/clothing demo.

Not included in the cost:

1. International flights/transport to designated meeting point.
2. Any food and drink outside the full board status (See above)
3. Any additional activities other than those stated.
4. Clothing and equipment hire.

Optional/additional activities and equipment hire available on site:

1. Extreme cold clothing hire.
2. Extreme cold footwear hire.
3. Extreme cold sleeping bag + liner hire.
4. Gortex Bivi bag hire.
5. Dog sledging.
6. Traditional Sauna facilities (minimum number apply/required).
7. Traditional outdoor hot tub facilities. (minimum number apply/required)

(All above costs TBC)

I'll get up the final prices as soon as we've tied up a few things but you can see where we're aiming for with this and the other expeditions we've been working on follow the same format.


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Dec 18, 2008
Somerset, UK
Everyone one i know on this forum is great but i don't know if i'm ready to go sharing a hot tub with you all just yet lol

Does anyone know what customs are like if we want to take our own tools?
I'm definetly up for this and can't wait...


Jun 5, 2009
I'd be very interested at that price, subject to Pandabeans query about fitness. Would also be interested to know if there's an expectation of ability at skiing since I have none.

Chris the Cat

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Jan 29, 2008
Me please! Jaysurfer,your own tools are fine just keep them in your checked luggage!
If you have never been to the Arctic and want a chat give me a shout sometime ,I see you are a SW bushcrafter,as am I
My best.


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
You would need to be reasonably fit although not hugely, you should be able to walk for 2 km with light loads. (Heavy kit will be transported separately where necessary) that's about 1.6 miles in old money which isn't far.

That doesn't sound bad at all, I was expecting it to be walk xkm in that direction and pass some stuff.....etc.

I have never been into the Arctic or out for long periods in the cold/snow before so it would be an experience.

I think I would be up for it, as well as the other places on offer, I would really like to try the desert island experience at some point in my life. Although I would have to insist on bringing Wilton (long lost cousin of Wilson) as my companion. :)