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Mikey P

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Nov 22, 2003
Glasgow, Scotland
Clear-out – Books for SalePic 1.jpgPic 2.jpgPic 1.jpgPic 2.jpg

SAS Survival Flickbook – Lofty Wiseman (Good, 220g) £2.00

SH21-76 Ranger Handbook – US Army Infantry Centre (Very Good, 220g) £2.00

FM21-76 US Army Survival Manual – Dept of the Army (Good, 640g) £5.00

AF Reg 64-4 USAF Search & Rescue Survival Training – (Very Good, 1670g) £5.00

Call of the Wild - Guy Grieve (Very Good, 790g, hardback) £4.00

Wildwood Wisdom – Ellsworth Jaeger (Very Good, 630g) £3.00

Tom Brown’s Field Guide: Nature Observation and Tracking – Tom Brown (Very Good, 335g) £2.00

Woodcraft & Camping – Nessmuk (Very Good, 155g) £2.00

Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills – Ed. David Wescott (Very Good, 880g) £4.00

Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills – Ed. David Wescott (Very Good, 760g) £5.00

Harvesting Nature’s Bounty – Kevin E Duffy (Very Good, 520g) £4.00

See attached pics.

Would prefer collection or ‘bulk buy’ as it makes it a lot less hassle. I live in the Glasgow area. Weights will give an idea of postage costs – happy to discuss combining.

First to DM gets. Paypal or cash on collection.

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