Odds and Ends and Books for Sale

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max whitlock

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Feb 28, 2010
Gear and Books For Sale

All prices include UK postage

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1 large [approx 15cm Billy Home made Stainless Steel Hobo set –1 large billy with lid size is between 14cm and 16cm zebra) braided wire bail, stainless steel Hobo stove with air holes pre drilled and window cut in for adding fuel, pepsi can meths stove, swedish army folding cup, LMF spork, pegs for setting cooking height All new and unused. All items stack inside each other. £16

Double sided 3.5 mm veg tanned leather wood backed pocket strop (new and unused). 2 x available £7 each NOW £6

Small pot and pan and pot gripper set from kelly kettle - excellent condition £9 NOW £8

Hobo hand fishing reel with aluminium o-ring sealed capsule at one end - used but very little and in very good condition. loaded with line and the compartment is filled with tackle. £15 SOLD

1 litre Sigg water bottle unused (blue) instruction label still attched to bottom– 2 small opposing light scuffs on shoulder of bottle from where it has rubbed in storage £8 SOLD

1 litre Sigg fuel bottle (bare aluminium) used with some scuffs but otherwise in perfectly usable order. £6 SOLD

A mini mobile phone charger uses 4 x AAA batteries (included) and is unused and sealed in original packaging includes various mobile phone attachments. £Free (nearly) postage costs only £1.50

Altoids Tin survival/possibles tin (all usual items included such as survival tool, mini torch, strom proof matches, brass wire, puritabs, fishing kit). New and unused £6

Bass guitar outfit (with bass, amp, hardcase, stand, leads, tuner and books/DVD’s) not bushcraft but an AXE of sorts!! Full size. Very little used. £100

M&S bushcrafty olive green wash bag with side compression clips – unused - £4

2oz TOBACCO TIN filled with survival/possibles kit (all unused) – with dpm belt pouch (good condition). £10

Panasonic medium size camera bag black.strap included and has belt attachment. Very good condition. Size 5”h x 5” w x 3” deep. £3

Hip Flasks
4 fl oz ss Jack Daniels round Hip Flask £5

* 4oz blue/green striped fabric hip flask, with a captive lever arm screw top so that it cannot be lost. With a SS funnel and presentation box
Brand new boxed and unused £6.50.

4 fl oz ss brown leather bound Hip Flask with plate for engraving (plate is blank) £5

Paperback Book Ray Mears Northern Wilderness
Very Good Condition RRP 8.99 (without postage) £6

Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide v good condition RRP £4.99 (without postage) £4

The Outdoor Survival Manual Garth Hattingh – Hardback - Like New £6.50

Paper back– Vietnam The History and Tactics – John Pimlott (cons Editor) 1984. £5 SOLD

John Bailey's Complete Guide to Fishing [Big Heavy Hardcover book] Excellent condition. 160 pages. This book covers the philosophy of fishing and the role of the fisherman-naturalist, before considering the more practical issues of fishing such as clothing, tackle, permits, bait, flies and much more. The author looks at fly-fishing, lure fishing, carp fishing and sea fishing. £6 SOLD

Collins Book Need to Know: Running like new £5 NOW£4

The Real Bravo Two Zero by Michael Asher Very Good Condition £4

The One That Got Away - Chris Ryan - Hardback - excellent condition £5.50

Nam –The war in the words of dozens of it’s veterans- Mark Baker -Good Condition £4.50 SOLD

Anabel Carmel - Complete baby and Toddler Meal Planner Hardback - very good condition £5

Al Murray The Pub Landlord Book of British Common Sense Like New £3.50

Bear Grylls Great Outdoor Adventures: An Extreme Guide to the Best Outdoor Pursuits [Hardcover] RRP 18.99 - Like new – could be given as a gift. £8

Book Fly Fishing, excellent condition - £5

The Lake District (Howling Monkey Short Break Guides) [Paperback] Book in excellent condition – plastic cover split along spine and has been repaired. £3.75

Any questions please ask
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max whitlock

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Feb 28, 2010
Youll have to give me a couple of days - just traded a digital camera with totumpole - havent got it figured out yet though!

Just found this pic online - the hobo reel is very similar to this: View attachment 6606View attachment 6605

i also added an old pic of the strop i had on my PC [it's with my old camera and blurry - sorry]

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