blades and blanks for sale

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Sep 25, 2011
what a nice little knive ideal size id say, nice thickness battons well, so sharp can tell its good steel, stuck a yew handle on mine, just need a nice sheath for it now....
Jun 25, 2013
thanks gents .

well here we go then the last (bar one) official fieldcrafter-uk finnished knives .

i still have blanks and i will try to do a few more finnished knives before new year but this is the last of the logoed blades .

all bar one finnished in corian , il give 10% discount on them which means you get the knife and sheath with free postage and covers any fees.

£108 each as i need them sold im £720 behind on rent !!

this is the white stone effect corian .

black stone effect corian

black corian

and the last micarta

as you can see i only do black sheaths and have one left hander for this lot , cant make any more as i dont have the leather !!

i have this one little one finnished currently in white stone effect corian at £65 i have two left hand sheaths and one right for this one and will try to fill the spare sheahs this week .

ok a few rules , this is a closing down sale !!

i cant hold on to anything for any one i need the money , they already have discount on them .

who pays first gets the knife .

i have almost no materials now so cant say il make you one up like i used to !

and i have them advertised everywhere so i hope they will sell fast !

please dont be hostile if you miss out !

everything goes with firstclass recorded delivery so will be with you usual the next day , and i can track them if thats not the case .

next bit to say is i have loads o blanks still but no 4mm pins , i do have lanyard so if you buy a blank you get that but you will need to go to B&Q to get yourself the pins .

iv knocked £2 off the price to sweeten that blow .

so we have blanks with out logos in a satin finnish with lanyard tube, post included for £25 on the small and £35 on the big

i can do you a template of the sheath if you like so you can make your own sheath at some stage !!

i hope its all clear and you guys and i can help each other out so im not homless for new year :)

all the best , matt


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Mar 19, 2012
South Yorkshire
Ive got one of these blades currently being worked on and they are great for the money,the grinds are great and workmansship is top class.If your looking for a knife you wont be dissapointed with one of these and at a great price.;)If christmas wasn't so close then i'd buy one without a thought.
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Jun 25, 2013
Thank you gents .
The green micarta and small stone effect are sold , and I'm waiting payment for a few of the black corian .

Hope nobody it to disappointed !

All the best , matt
Jun 25, 2013
Thank you !!
Just a thought here but I have a lot of the smaller blanks here .
There in the raw heat treated stage so have a brown rust layer on them .

£11 each with out pins , some of you guys might have grinders and want to turn a few knives .
There heat treated like I say but raw in all other ways .
Jun 25, 2013
Yep page one there's a white sack with blanks in it , there a little browner than that .
What doesn't sell by Xmas I'm going to forge weld into a massive block of o1 and forge In to Damascus in the new year as that's all il probably make from now on as a hobby !
Jun 25, 2013
Sorry guys there's been an avalanche of communications from all 4 forums and a good few sales to get posted away !!

I had two interviews yesterday so didn't have any time to check on here or else where , I got everything that was finished and able to be posted yesterday , and just 20 blanks to put cutting edged on today and they will be away to !
The post cost £43 yesterday alone :0
And iv got as much again to send today !!

As far as I know ( and iv not checked everywhere)
I still have two left hand sheaths for the small knives , but nothing finished in that size just blanks !
I'm doing my best to get everyone's out as fast as I can , so thanks for being patient with me .
If you order it I confirm it you will 100% get it !
I hope that soothes some of you ?
Iv no more interviews until next Monday and I'm working 12 hour days every day I can so I'm not slacking just over whelmed :)

All the best , matt


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Apr 23, 2012
York, North Yorkshire
Hi Matt,

Just to let you know that my blank arrived today safe and sound, thanks very much for your help with this. This is going to be a projct for me over the Christmas holidays, I have some nice curley birch to go with it, so hopefully it will turnout nice.

Best wishes and good luck for the future, Andy
That's what I have used... Here is my finished knife...