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  • Andy ya inbox is loaded bud go have a clear out.
    I was asking you via pm if your free sat for a brew etc my lil 2 year old is asking me to take him too the woods for a few hours ya fancy it
    yeah i got some flint at seaham only small bits but i was with the family so could nt have a good look around
    the beach no have not boiled it up no steel yet got 1.1kg of magnesium to cut and set fire steels in them
    not bad were you going along the coast or another secret spot ? did you manage to get a steel i tried to look for you but all that i found were very pricey :( did you get that hoof fungus boiled and drying some were nice never tried it for fire lighting i use char cloth and cheat lol
    Ok get ya thought ya meant as in a fire rod thingy mines a a link from a large chain can get 3 fingers inside works a treat only managed to get 1 link from work by luck but if any comes up i'll grab you some or ebay have the forged ones for about a fiver
    Yeah would nt recommend it either same with birch polypor great for sharpening a knife when in the bush not great to eat loads of that about aswell.no sorry dont know about fire steal soccer sports had them for 2.50 got the daughter one im using a flint and steal at the minute you'll have to have a go its a doddle
    Haha there was loads at croxdale woods it was all over the place :) steel do mean as in knife ? If so no sorry but trust me get a mora clipper they are mint best £12 ive spent.have you tried eating the hoof fungus its rank and rubbery yak lol
    well mate been cutting hoof fungus today getting it ready to boil :) then might go get more lol
    yeah its not the biggest place and you couldnt have an open fire as its pine woodland but ive been loads and never been bothered even with me hammock set up for a snooze and a brew in my volcanoe stove :)
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