Are we buying more or less stuff?


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
I was just thinking about the things I'd like to buy, I even started a thread on it the other day :D So, there's aplenty of stuff that it would be nice to have and yet at the moment it's easier to decide I don't need it, or ask myself, when will this get used (I have a theory about aspirational purchasing...) so, i'm actually looking at less things. I've been buying things to replace items that we lost in the recent flood and building materials for my extension (10 year project so far :D) but they're not 'kit' so maybe i'm just sick of looking at stuff.

Or, is it a case of changing priorities whit the current virus issues that we have, due to this I have a 'stay at home' mentality and so don't need more stuff...

How are you finding it at the moment, are you guying stuff, or trying to or have you toned down your buying and looking for stuff?

Hope that all made sense...


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Feb 17, 2018
I'm carrying on as normal. So not buying stuff because I think I'll need it, only buying things that I do need. One of the things I do need is a new large rucksack for camping.....

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John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Oh - I am buying more!
Several meters of fabric, zips etc to make kit, books to inspire projects, extra whisky to see out "lockdown" and anything in Aldi that looks good....
All for Covid19 projects :)
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Dave Budd

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Jan 8, 2006
Dartmoor (Devon)
the only thing i'm buying is food.
With shows cancelled and people not able to come to me for courses, my income has almost totally dried up; so no new toys or treats for me. Normally at this time of year I would also be looking at restocking on steel and fuel, but since I can't get anywhere to sell things there is no point making much right now :(

I'll just start working through my 'to do' lists and maybe tidy the workshop (it would be the first time in a decade though!)
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Anyone for sailing?
Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
I bought a virtually new border fork from my local charity workaid shop last week so I can get the flower beds tidied back up after several years negelect.

I also bought three marples wooden handled turnscrews at the same time because they were in such good condition.

£16.50 for the lot :)


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Feb 19, 2013
Stockton on Tees
I've not bought for months, since I started working again after a 5 year absence, in fact, I'll be thinning the heard down soon as I don't have much free time at all :(


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
I've just had a bit of a spree to get things in so I can get on with projects (things like gasket sets so I can overhaul the Westfield engine). But I suspect the next few months will be frugal.

I've also bought a few things I see as essential - a new 1kW inverter for example so I can run the water pump on the borehole at least once a day from a large battery kept topped up by a solar panel - just in case.


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Mar 25, 2017
I've made the most of being able to receive deliveries while working from home by buying a few bulky items that I've been meaning to get for ages. Otherwise trying not to spend too much on non-essentials.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
Very little indeed.
In the past 3 weeks I've bought
A phone top up voucher
4 bags of compost
I bag of soil conditioner
Sprouting seeds
I have bought enought food to keep me going and need buy only milk though I have dried milk and several cartons of almond milk so not realy needed.
I'm taking the opportunity to save as much money as I can.


M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
I suspect we might not be the best pick for this data. Most of us are 30 or older and a great many over 50. However I also suspect buying habits have shifted to things that can be used indoors to keep people occupied. Hence my first coment about is not being the best source (at our age we‘be already accumulated more than a younger person) Personally I’m only buying consumables: food, pet food, pet meds, detergents, etc.


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Mar 25, 2017
I want to spread out my morale boosting purchases (as this may be a dcawn out event), so am enjoying spending more time than usual mulling things over.

Currently, I'm contemplating small manual coffee grinders. Do I get one that does enough for one cup at a time and is more lightweight and portable, or do I get one that does enough for two cups at a time for when I want to use a French press (for 2-3 ppl)?

I lean towards the slightly bigger one as quicker. But, I normally use the French press when camping, so maybe smaller is better and just grind 2-3 lots... :)

Everything Mac

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Nov 30, 2009
Bit of both. I stocked up on coal, gas and steel a couple of weeks before I left for the rig. And before the lockdown I'd ordered a number of bits and bobs for the workshop and various projects but despite having a good few things I could do with, there seems little point ordering at the minute because a) I won't be able to get to the workshop to use then and b) they might not get delivered because the people that are usually at the office are all staying at home.

And c) if I send them to the house then SWMBO would know. :O



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
Self employed here so my income will stop dead next Friday, I'm not buying anything I don't absolutely have to.

The Government is saying they'll see us right financially but I'll believe it when I see it.


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Self employed here so my income will stop dead next Friday, I'm not buying anything I don't absolutely have to.

The Government is saying they'll see us right financially but I'll believe it when I see it.

Sorry to sound ignorant or even uncaring, but aren't these circumstances covered by income loss insurance for the self employed?

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I'm old. I've had a long lifetime to accumulate "stuff." My house is full of "stuff". All the outdoor stuff that I will ever need.
I look at new stuff all the time. Buy the best and it really does last a very long time.

Then I ask myself: "When, in the rest of your life, will you get around to playing with this new stuff?" Answer: "Never."
I have piles of unused new stuff. Boxes not even opened. Absolute proof.

I think the wee tiny butane cartridge stoves are really cute.
I'd play with them once and not again, I'm guessing.
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