Any Alternatives in the UK - all the knives look the same

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Dec 9, 2016
North East
Hello ,
just for the record , and without any of what I say being taken out of context (please) , I prefer to buy from a UK maker but if they do not produce what I am after at a reasonable price then I will obviously look elsewhere as most people would . I also have nothing but praise for the quality of most British knife makers , I just prefer a different style to what mostly is on offer . In the past I used to make my own Scandi style knives and have a reasonable idea of what constitutes a quality knife from the forging process to the handle style and sheath making . I only wish one could ask a question without being shot down in flames , it creates much bad feeling dont you think ?


Dec 19, 2003
Co Meath, Ireland

Lots to choose from.......

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J. Adams Ltd (Sheffield Knives) is a family business which has been making good quality knives for six generations; we are the parent company for three other old established manufacturers F.E & J.R.Hopkinson Ltd, established 14 June 1944, John Nowill & Sons Ltd, whose corporate name was granted by the Cutlers Company of Hallamshire on 27 April 1700 A.D. and Austin McGillivray & Co.

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Not UK but Commonwealth: The Canadian Grohman-Russell knives may be ordered with stag and either SS or carbon from a delightful bird/trout knife, the classic up to a survival version.
Since I got a factory second one of these is my go to blade.

Pretty does everything I want. Food prep, small game (dozens of pheasant) and light wood fettling.

And is aesthetically pleasing

Other than that an opinel 7 as pocket - mostly where i might loose a fixed blade / don't carry a sack or big pockets. I don't like belt carry


Dec 9, 2016
North East
Thanks again guys ,
Its like I said EdS , a small much cheaper knife and your Opinel 7 which you carry will do most light bushcraft work and as long as you use it within its parameters it would be ideal , horses for courses and everyone has their own preferences in knives . I have a thing about stag handled knives as I had a really good but cheap 6 1/2" (OAL) Sheffield made one when I was a boy and its what I used to skin my first rabbit with , I wish I still had it .


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Apr 23, 2020
may be the reason for that ("all knives look the same") is that there is a "best" possible shape for a large universal buscraftknife in our vegetation zone (gb, northern europe or us /can etc.)
and if you look for the "best" premium steel ( m390, elmax, cpm-3v, s35vn, h1 or what other steel you might it is ) too from a custom knife maker than you have to pay the price - so there ar many people who pay exorbitant prices because they want not must - because a knife is a tool but more artwork as well for them


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