A few Custom Ish Knives with Kydex recently done Chopper , Stalker, Survival/Back up

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Haven't posted up for ages and Sorry its more of an advert need to get out and do some s'hraftin soon :hammock:

Custom ish as most are modifications of std pattern of mine

The first is probably the most Customer lead knife. I got a detailed profile taken from the CAD drawings on the Website and reworked to make a Shorter blades XLarge DNK :D with a handle morphing the front of the XL to the back of the std Large with more belly
Also called for a nice bit of Burl on white liners and stainless/brass Bullseye style pins similar to the XL prototype I did so all nice and traditional ( well for me and what I've been making recently)
Burl was a bit Pikebite gave me to make up for a cracked one (well he said it had a crack I couldn't see it was in an area that was a problem ) and lucky was large enough for this job and stabilized to :D

So lucky i was about to get a batch of stuff cut it was easy enough to get the profile done at the same time even for a one off also got the Bainite/ martensite HT I have on my 52100 for added strength combined with the 6mm thick and the fairly stubby design this was going to be a strong old blade.

I was even able to get a Scale template cut out of 1.6mm 420ss to help with the pin layouts.


A good full flat grind and a 30 deg Secondary to be convexed over in the choppy bit makes it bite in well and cut as well as take a bit of the fwss weight out

I made the choil a lot bigger in the end fully rounded and polished and it works well for choking up on detail stuff putting the balance right in the hand Im not normally a fan of fwd finger choils but on larger blades like this its worth doing



Pins came out ok as well


and here is where it fits between the Large and XLarge DNK the XL


Coyote Brn Kydex with drop bracket and Brass (small) and Nickel (large)eyelets


Always nice for a bit of feed back so was happy with his initial impression emailed on recipt

I received your knife yesterday in the post. I am absolutely amazed. It's a real masterpiece.
I have bought a few custom knives in the past and yours is top class.
Beautiful shape and the wood with the pins are just great.
Super happy, so thanks alot for making that for me.


Next is a Stalker

this is a Swaps knife Im getting back into shooting and was offered some stalking to get my first Deer in exchange for a Knife and after 2 no shoot stalks last year (saw loads but either wrong sex Buck season or no good shot etc)
3rd shoot late in the Doe season this year finally got one closely followed by a fox unfortunately I didn't get to keep any meat of this one as it was shot to order for a game dealer. (now looking into Deer Rifles and FAC applications)

So Stalkers I have had a batch of N690 in 4.8mm cut and had my std large handle cut with a rectangular blade shape so I can profile different styles the shape he wanted wasn't one i normally do but easy enough after He drew it on the blank.

A full flat to thin ish edge and a 35 deg secondary seems to work well for these ( I Make stalking blanks for Dougster to his design in this geometry) Nice rounded spine

Went with 6mm carbon fibre scales to keep it thin as its most likely to be in a pocket carry and doesn't need lots of shaping like a bushy
I used oversize stainless corby bolts these are 1/4" stem and 5/16" on the head (6.3mm x 8mm) and larger 5mm stainless bolster pins (usually 4mm) no lanyard hole for gunk to get into
all nice and easy to wash and clean for HSE regs

Sheath is a simple Black Kydex Wrap with a oversize drain channel for easy washout and is clamped up with stainless Chicago Torx Bolts so for a really good wash you can unbolt it and open it out a bit. Also allows retention to be adjusted its set fairly tight. all the holes are set up to take std Belt loops and Clips etc





DSK (Wisdom Edge)
These 2 are for the Guys who Designed the Wisdom Edge (DSK) a couple of the top military Survival Instructors in the Country

'Smarty' is in the sandbox on long term teaching the Saudi Military so has been beasting the DSK for a while now and has come back with a couple of changes for his One was a notch to use to pick up a Pot Bail of the fire and the other was the Heat out there was making the handle very hot for use also for general use as opposed to a in the tin emergency a set of scales would add grip due to sweaty hands I also offered him scandi 12C27 or N690 Full flat as there would be no time to Paint this blade plus for GP use the coating would wear

so we Have 'Smarty's' personnel Survival blade

4mm 12C27 scandi ground 3mm Orange G10 stippled scales with stainless torx bolts


with wrap and pancake sheaths with Nickle Eyelets


The Pot Notch in the scraper edge will also make striking a ferro rod easier (if wounded/injured hand)



Second DSK is For John Hudson who Runs Survival Wisdom as well as being the Chief Instructor Trainer for Joint Forces SERE school and the main Design input for the Jungle PArang

this is a 4.8mm N690 DSK fully rounded tang no scales with a full flat grind in a Chocolate brown Kydex Pancake sheath this has a bolt on retainer safety catch which can be swung out of the way for camp neck use and re applied if pack carried with the MOLLE for added security.





Next project Holsters for Judge Dredd Lawgiver Pistols :O


Feb 21, 2010
Rupert's Land
That top one is particularly pleasing to my eye. Something that would be equally at home put to hard use, or residing in a museum as a work of art. Perfection would be an understatement goodjob

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