4 Big blades now up and running Parang, Khukuri, Golock Machete

Some of these have their own thread on here

Ive now got the 4 large blades ive been working on up to a usable finish for testing and all with their own scales
as i was swapping the set of the parang back and forth as they all have the same scale profile and with different spacer liners get the same basic size 8)

I have also tweaked and blended the grinds on them which is a breeze on the 14" wheel :D I got recently

the Machete has a full 18" blade in the 2.5mm CS80

the Khukuri is shorter @ 14" blade BUT comes in at approx 1kg in weight in the 8.5mm 52100
Golok and parang n the middle in 4.8mm 75CR1

the parang and Golok take a pair of 3mm Kydex spacer liners the Khukuri a pair of 1.5mm and the Machete a set of both to give similar handle width

I even got a makers mark on some :O

Should all be at he Wilderness Sat and Sunday on the English Handmade Knives stand

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
No doubt someone will be along to tell you that nothing larger than a 4" blade is ever needed :)

Great looking tools BTW