DW Machete

Not something i was planning to do as generally Machetes are a cheap tool and work

But a guy on BB asked for a custom one because He wanted one :cool: made in UK and custom

nothing massively special about the blade its a std design 18"

I decided to use the handle I put on my Parangs as its really comfy and works well on a large blade

Here is the CAD as a start point

Decided to start trials with CS80 a good spring steel and hardened all thro at 48-50 ish RC 2.6mm was available

Blads arrived today from the laser cutter

So a Quick Grind to start testing (so no cerakote etc ;) )

its come in at 2.7mm thick and as ground so far with a set of G10 scales and 3mm kydex liners is 695gms

I have ground on various areas for different jobs so fisr 8" of the balde from tyeh hand;e ahs a higher grind and a sharper edge the front end is more convexed for beating work

the small choil infront of the handle is sharp for striking a ferro rod or scraping dowels etc

top the front 8" have a scraper edge on one side ie 85 deg for tinder making or removing bark etc
front is rounded for comfort and bashing
ive added in a notch as a pot lifter you can hook under teh bail of a billy to lift on and off the fire
may be of some use for hooking brambles etc (maybe ?? )

here compared to the now diminutive Parang (naked as its scale have been put on the machette for testing savein me making another yet )
and my Gardening beater abused DWC std bushy size



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May 23, 2014
nice work there duncan

but as you say, makes for a very expensive matchete.....don't get me wrong though. if thats what the fella wants and and is happy with it, then thats all that matters
After a bit of Wielding etc I think it may be a little heavy for an 18" most at this size are a little thinner
and its certainly got some follow tru when you swing it and a bit more heavy chopping than a 2mm one

So will adapt the Flandi grind and take some weight out but maintain the thicker spine should be better suited to UK

Only a bit of time will tell if the pre hardened sheet @ 48-50 Rc is hard enough for the right balance of edge retention v regular sharpening definitely got spring but a re hardened blade could be differentially tempered to keep that but would add cost back in




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Dec 31, 2012
Penwith, Cornwall
Duncan; saw your parang in glimpsed action by John Hudson earlier - what's the verdict after through jungle trials mate? Loving the machete by the way, traditional in look; what's the sheath looking like?

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