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  1. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    advice on log sawing

    Hi, I've just 'inherited' a couple of birch logs- 8 to 10 inches across and 3 foot long. I want to carve some bowls and a kuksa....never done it before. What I need is advice on cutting these beasts down to size. This feels like a dumb question but do I need a bowsaw or can I just use my old...
  2. OwenoWent

    Ageing wood

    Hi guys. I recently salvaged some old scaffolding boards, and turned them into a couple of 'rustic'/'shabby' shelves for my lounge. They sanded down nicely and look great. Only slight annoyance is that I've used 3 boards to get the desired width. As a result, one of the ends of the planks is...
  3. Druss

    Yorkshire Wood

    Hello all, i noticed from my previous thread that there are a lot of Yorkshire folk like myself on here. Can any of you recommend any decent wooded ares where I will be able to pick up some wood for walking sticks? Ideal heavy on Ash or Hazel, the pickings are slim at post hill near me and it's...
  4. G

    Tentipi Eldfell Pro9 versus Helsport Stove - Which is better?

    Hi Folks, I had a good search on the forums, and couldn't find if anyone had actually done any comparrisons on quality and performance for these two stoves? I have a tentipi varrie 9, and am looking for a wood burning stove for it. What ever I buy, I want it to last and I don't mind...
  5. H

    Theoretical and academic (for now) question about wood

    I am seriously considering making a tipi of fairly traditional design and am wondering, if I do not have access to Lodge Pole Pine (which I don't) and I only have common UK woods to choose from, what wood from the following list would be suitable for making 14ish foot long tipi poles from...
  6. Samon

    * BONK!* made a mallet!

    Lol, yep! I made this earlier.. :o Made from iron like plum off cuts and glued with gorilla glue (hence the messy ends :rolleyes:). I needed a mallet for when delicate stuff needed tapping, and I only had metal hammers. So it's purely a fucntional tool over a pretty one, however it is funny...
  7. Samon

    Some recent carvings! Pic heavy.

    Yo! I was diggin' around in the cave the other day when looking for a few bits and whilst rummaging came across my crook knife that I hadn't used in a few months! :rolleyes: It's one of the medium Ben Orford crook knives I bought early last year and I decided it needed a sheath, as the leather...
  8. G

    Burl Removal (living tree)

    Hey folks, today i spotted a nice beech burl while spending some time outdoors. I would like to remove it to make some nice things from it. The burl itself covers about half of the circumference of the trunk. But i am concerned, if the removal would cause too much damage to the living tree...
  9. G

    What is he making?

    Hello, in another Bushcraft forum someone posted the following link about traditional finnish wood working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s6fG10mrSM&feature=player_embedded Does someone of you know, what kind of thing he is making from 27:14 to 30:40? At first i thought it would be...
  10. bushcraftmyway

    spoon carving... my way!

    i think that a spoon is more than a spatula with a depression :D... apart from being useful, the spoon should be graceful and pleasant to the eye. the most difficult part to make (for me) is the "neck" (i don't know if there is a specific word for it :o ), which should be elegantly curved...
  11. Partickpebbles

    Out this Friday, as the forecast is goooood!

    Well that the plan, in my permissions wood. Been a while so should be interesting to see the changes since last time I was there (June time I think..) Certainly looks ver green with a tinge of Orange! Plan to stay in the same spot where we have wood stock built up! Will post pics of course!
  12. Partickpebbles

    Can you help me identify this?

    Out at our usual Permissions Wood in Yorkshire, and when gathering wood, noticed this... Is it likely to where Deer rest perhaps? There are certainly 2/3 areas in the wood like that... Thanks
  13. OwenoWent

    Working Driftwood

    Hi guys and gals, I've had a piece of driftwood lying around the house for about five years now, bored, today I started to work it into a traditional welsh love spoon. Lacking any of the correct tools, I've hacked at it for hours with my trusty Stanley knife - only slicing myself open once...
  14. Partickpebbles

    So was out at the weekend again...Warning Pic Heavy!

    for night two this year! Was with Resnikov and a friend of ours who camps (more mainstream!), but had not experienced Hammock and Tarp Set up before. We were in our wood where we have permissions, and the difference a month or so makes was amazing. Firstly the amout of greenery that...
  15. Nicholson95

    Walk about/ camp food :) yumm!

    What food do you bring when your going walk-about or when camping?? I personally have taken in the past :- 24hr Mod Rat pack. Salami. Sandwiches. Rice. Pasta. Haggis. Bacon. Eggs. I know not much right? well I was looking for some new ideas :D Lovley scoff ;) Stay Frosty Iain
  16. Leonidas

    Stabilization on steroids

    K folks! Many of you know I've been dabbling with stabilization.... Well after 18 months and muchos deniro on RND I've finally cracked a stabilization process I am happy to promote. Check the following out.....even I did not believe the numbers....:eek: Two pieces of test wood, the...