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  1. Lün

    2020 - The Year of Projects

    I've been meaning to post a few of my projects for a while now and ended up stockpiling a few, so I'm going to try and post a new one each day. Enjoy and please comment :beerchug: Project #1 I convinced myself that I needed a small scandi knife for small tasks around camp and to generally use...

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Hei! I was gifted a folding knife some time ago. Last time I used one on daily basis was in my childhood. But I have become to love this folder so damn much that it sometimes does the tasks that my belt knife usually does. Excellent folder! So I made a leather sheath for it to carry on the belt...
  3. Dave Budd

    For Sale Sharpening Course: Feb 4th

    I've got a sharpening course coming up in a few weeks time and there are still spaces, so thought I'd see if anybody here would like to take them up at a special BCUK discounted rate! :) One day course to learn how to sharpen knives and axes primarily. I'll go through edge geometry...
  4. Dreadhead

    5 days of running leatherwork courses

    Hi folks, First up I'm not sure how relevant this is so no worries if Tony & mods need to move/delete this post. I thought I would put a little insight into what I've been doing with Half-Goat Leatherwork. I'm just back from running two leatherwork courses back to back, 3 days teaching a...
  5. Dreadhead

    My latest Pictish project! ;)

    This all started when I decided I needed to upgrade some of my own gear. I'm obsessed with all things Pictish, and want to bring Pictish art back to life. so I have been recreating as many Pictish carvings as possible as a way to do this, and to connect in some basic way to Pictish craftsmen by...
  6. Dreadhead

    I fancied a new wallet ;)

    Currently revamping all of my leather gear at the moment, but I'm keeping some of it a secret for now to be revealed later this month as part of a larger project ;) But for now, here is a wee taster. I made myself a wallet a few months ago, however I get bored of my own things pretty quickly so...
  7. C

    What to do with a sewing machine?

    Hi there, Approx 6 months ago I bought a Singer 45k and put a new variable speed motor on it. I had the view of making my knife sheaths with it but just couldn't get a quality result so reverted back to hand stitching. I should add that I have very little experience (read non!) with sewing...
  8. Dreadhead

    How I make Sporrans - Video

    Hi BCUK, Whilst working on a recent sporran commission, I decided to film the whole process out of curiosity (although I did forget to film some small steps such as oiling and waterproofing). This was not intended as a tutorial or how-to, as there are plenty of those around and the pattern is...
  9. Dreadhead

    Leatherwork Course Coupons - South Scotland

    Hi BCUK, Due to the success of running leatherwork courses in Norway and the unexpected demand I've had lately, I've decided to start running more at home in Scotland. To promote this, I am selling unique hand tooled leather coupons for 1, 2, and 3 day courses with me. These can be bought...
  10. Dreadhead

    Some of my latest Leatherwork

    Hi everyone, I have been too busy lately to keep posting up new stuff so I will bung it all in one thread here. Here just a few things I have been working on lately, as well as the two dozen half finished projects sitting in the workshop! Kilt belt with carved Pictish design from the Monikie...
  11. chas brookes

    Latest Leatherwork Commission

    a friend of mine asked me take make him a leather belt beer holder :) could be a design for the Naughty Corner
  12. Angst

    DC3 & DC4 'Signatures', Ka-bar USMC, Fairbairn-Sykes & One For The Leftys

    Hi all... Hi...just finished making these, the DC3 & DC4-pouch versions are the first ones made from my recently up-dated templates...over-all happy with them...not edge-koted yet but as the sun was out I grabbed the picture whilst I could, hope you like! regards s
  13. Dreadhead

    Half-Goat Leatherwork Moving SALE!

    We're moving house in two weeks (back tae Scotland!) so I'm dropping the prices of everything I currently have on sale to raise some extra funds. All prices include postage (first class signed for) for the UK. Overseas will cost a little extra but no problem just let me know :) First come...
  14. Dreadhead

    My first Leatherwork youtube video

    Hello everyone, A youtube-savvy friend of mine keeps suggesting I do some videos, so to get to grips with youtube I put this video together, with help from my other half-goat to showcase some of the things I have made over the past few years :) I present my first youtube video, with some...
  15. Angst

    Sheath For An Estwing 24A Sportsmans Axe

    Hi....Sir Ammo has asked me to do a mask and belt loop set for his Estwing so today I knocked up the prototype...and I've just gone and bought myself one of the axes too...my excuse is that I have to own every one of the axes for which I make sheaths so that I can check my work fits correctly...
  16. Angst

    Sheath For A Battered Old Machete

    Hi...a friend of mine found this old machete at a dump and asked me to do him a sheath for it...he said 'no need to do anything fancy....a rough job will do'.....but being a lot wider at the end than the top wouldve required me to basically make him a 'bucket', so loose at the top it wouldve...
  17. Angst

    Chris Caine Companion Sheath & Robusts....

    hiya....just a quickie....managed to get a sheath done for Chris' Companion model....I absolutely love this knife and will be receiving my own on Thursday, can't wait...though I've gotta admit that if Chris adds any more awkward shaped knives to his range we will be falling out lololol!...a...
  18. Angst

    Gransfors Bruks Axe/Hatchet Sheaths

    Hi...as most of you know I am continually expanding my range of masks for Gransfors Bruks Axes...I currently make them for: Ray Mears Wilderness Scandinavian Small Forest Wildlife Hunters Outdoor Small American Felling please note that there are sometimes discrepancies in head...
  19. Angst

    Bahco Laplander Sheaths

    Hi... sheaths for the famous laplander...I usually have these in stock, please email if interested....and of course I can do them in black... regards, Sonni
  20. Biker

    Exceptional examples of leatherwork - add your own finds (VERY pic heavy)

    Firstly let me just say I DID NOT MAKE THESE! Wasn't too sure where to post this, in the Resources thread or here, so I opted here since most makers/dabblers would find this interesting. Plus this forum does get a lot more traffic. Now I don't know about you but I just sit in wonder at the...