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  1. XIX

    For Sale Special Leather Field notes cover

    Brand new from Black Cross leather in the USA. This is the ‘ Crook’ field notes cover in quality brown leather with wine stitching. It has a Velcro front panel for your patches/ID and internally is a pen loop, two card slots and field notes (or similar size pad) slot. I also commissioned this...

    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Hei! I was gifted a folding knife some time ago. Last time I used one on daily basis was in my childhood. But I have become to love this folder so damn much that it sometimes does the tasks that my belt knife usually does. Excellent folder! So I made a leather sheath for it to carry on the belt...
  3. Pioneer72

    It's Hawthorn Fruit Leather Time :)

    I looked out at my Hawthorn tree yesterday, and seeing it was loaded with berries I thought to have another go at hawthorn fruit leather. So I picked a load, de-stalked them, and set to it. I made some a few years ago using the cold process squeezing out the goo per Ray and Gordon on Wild...
  4. bobnewboy

    Leatherwork: dyeing without hardening - help please!

    Hi All, It has probably been discussed before at some point, but i have a problem ! :) I quite like to work in thick veg tan leather for some articles, e.g an archery bracer i made for my other half. All of the making went well, but when i finally came to dyeing the pieces with Fiebings...
  5. bobnewboy

    Ring clamp for 'er indoors :)

    Hi All, after a series of not-so-subtle hints, and having some free man cave time, I made this jeweller's ring clamp for my other half. She has decided that jewellery (sp?) is one of her new hobbies following on from our day course last year when we made rings :) The clamp is used to be able...
  6. bobnewboy

    A bit of several handicrafts - Bronze Sword with a leather scabbard/sheath.

    Hi All, I havent had too much time to work on this for quite a while, but I recently got the all leather sword sheath (OK, scabbard :)) done after some inspiration from Hamish's work. Hence this post. My original scabbard was going to be a wooden cored, wet moulded leather job, but that isnt...
  7. U

    Leather thinning help

    Hello guys, I've just bought a new leather belt, to replace an old torn one. Width matches perfectly with the buckle's, but I've ran into a problem I didn't even expect: the belt is too thick, and I simply can't get it through the buckle. I've tried thinning it with a knife, but without much...
  8. R

    Cobblers Hammer

    I've tinkered with leather work for a few years and decided it was time I tried to improve my saddle stitch. The YouTube videos by Ian Atkinson and Nigel Armitage convinced me I needed a cobblers hammer - what other reason could there be for my stitching looking rubbish :lmao: Anyway, not...
  9. L

    Some of my leather bags.

    These are my first three leather bags. First was just a small shoulder bag , 2-3mm veg tanned leather and dyed in Fiebings dark brown oil dye. This was before I had pricking irons, so punched all the holes one at a time. The lining was an after thought, so is not that great...
  10. grey-array

    Latest work, a Leather Apron (picture heavy)

    Hey everyone, A while ago I purchased an old Sewing machine from a couple that owned a vintage industrial themed antiques etc store. They wanted a bit more then initially advertised and after chatting for a while and me having tested the machine his wife had advocated the idea of me making a...
  11. L

    ***FlexCut knife strop lightly used***

    A great little bit of kit, truly remarkable at how sharp this simple thing will get a knife. You could quite happily never put a knife to a stone if you kept on top of the sharpening with this strop. It also comes with strop paste to help with polishing and giving the knife that extra edge...
  12. Angst

    Latest Knife Sheaths & 'Stained Glass Window GB SFA Masks

    Hi...just finished some more items to go in my Bushcraft Show stock boxes....the glaringly bright sunshine has not made the pics exactly accurate but hey, who's complaining! hope you like! regards Sonni
  13. Angst

    More Bags In Leather, Canvas & Cordura....

    Hi...heres a few of the bits I've made this week... priority was to make myself a replacement for my trusty old Adidas drawstring bag....I've had it about 15 years and not only is it not koooooool for a bushcrafter to be going up the woods with an Adidas bag (lol) but it is literally falling...
  14. Angst

    My First British Blades Commission...Nightmare LOL!

    Hi...recently joined BB and one of the members contacted me straight away to do him a sheath...I had a quick look at the pics available and said yup yup....very happy to get a commission so quickly. A week or so later I picked the monster up to start work and noticed how slim the leading edges...
  15. grey-array

    Looking for a Resist or a technique leatherworkers please help!

    Hello fellow leatherworkers, and those interested enough to read this. I am looking for a resisting finish for working withe the fiebings oil dyes. I heard the Resolene finish works for the spirit based dye from Fiebings but wont work for the Oil dyes. And as I am getting into some...
  16. Angst

    New Larger Sized Leather Patches

    Hi...finally got round to trying out the larger stamps I got from Sir Kerne....these patches measure 6x6cm...hand-darkened edges, made 12 and by the time I'd awled every single one of the 480 holes I'd had enough lol! hope you like! regards, Sonni
  17. Angst

    Sheath Commission For Brother Ammo...W.I.P.

    Hi...Kal asked me to do him a custom version of my 'signature sheath' (that's what Angela always refers to it as anyway, not I, sounds arrogant lol)...among other things (he's a hard man to please) he wanted it in a mix of brown and mahogany with a tooled border and the firesteel loop dropped...
  18. Angst

    Hand-made hand-stitched leather firesteel / ferro rod holder - neck & belt carry

    Hi...4 hand-made/hand-stitched firesteel holders for sale at reduced prices for BCUK'ers...they're made from two different thicknesses of leather, 2.5mm and 4mm full grain veg tan and hand-dyed with Fiebings brown, stitched with black artificial sinew and polished up with brown 'finish'. The...
  19. Angst

    70 Bracelets For Heinnie Haynes...Laugh It Up Fenna!!!

    Barely have my poor hands healed up after last years Moot and I get asked to do 70 bracelets for Heinnie Haynes.... managed to get them done from scratch over three long days....thank god for strap cutters! at least this'll give that Fenna bloke something to chuckle about....:p stamp was made...
  20. Angst

    Zippo Lighter Cases

    Hiya....just finished a small batch of these...belt loops on the back, though I string a bit of paracord through the flap and wear mine round my neck...kool little things that I enjoy making, hope you like! regards, Sonni