knife making

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  1. PhilipTreeWalker

    Hello Folks

    Hello all. I only managed to get out in the hammock 3 times last year, so I am here to feed off peoples enthusiasm, hopefully learn something, and get out more this year! I am a tree guy. I have a variety of jobs which are arborist (this is my trade, 10 painful years, love it!), tree surveyor...
  2. Dave Budd

    Carving Tools Course

    This time it's a week long course to make your own Carving Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in the heart of Devon, about 10 miles west of Exeter and you are welcome to camp...
  3. Dave Budd

    End of season Blade Sale (forged finished)

    Howdy Folks! It's that time of year where I want to unload the blades left after my last show :dancer: I'll be posting several threads like this with different themes. Up first though, are my usual forged finished blades (and a couple of friction folder blades). I've not discounted these...
  4. Dave Budd

    Bushcraft Tools Making workshop (axes knives, etc)

    Last group course of the season and I have a space to fill again. This time it's a week long course to make your own Bushcraft Cutting Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in...
  5. Biker

    Knife handle finishing clamp (Clever concept)

    Hey Folks, saw this picture online today and thought it needs being seen here too.
  6. Dave Budd

    Spaces on April Knife Making course!

    Morning folks :) The first group knife making course of the year is on in a couple of weeks time and I find myself with a couple of spare places! So I thought I would offer them up here :dancer: The course is set for the weekend of 26th-27th and held in my Woodland Workshop in the heart...
  7. Viktor

    Latest bushcraft knife with sami inspired sheath

    Thought I would share my latest handmade made knife to inspire you all to make you own. You only need basic tools like saw, rasp, files, sandpaper, sandpaper and more sandpaper. :p Other than that you only need a few free week ends. Note before the pictures: Was a bit busy with "life" so I...
  8. MertzMan

    My first knife, a bog oak and Karesuando mix!

    So, having seen some simply amazing knives posted up here on Bushcraft I decided to have a go myself. I've never made anything like this before, and I'd welcome any constructive criticism and general feedback I brought a 10cm Stainless Steel Karesuando kit, but made such a mess of the included...
  9. Tipi

    Japanese / damascus steel making from hacksaw blades and nails

    was reading an article on Japanese steel, (link below) about how they blend hard steel and softer iron to make their blades, and i got to to thinking how i could replicate it using an old hacksaw blade and some soft iron nails. a cursory search of the internet didn't reveal anyone who had tried...
  10. Samon

    Made a knife! Picture heavy - WIP!!

    As some of you may already know, I'm a prolific wombling, hoarding, recycling cheapskate with a passion for old and knackered stuff to clean up or re-make into other junk (and a man who fears the blood drinking badger overlord..).. Well amongst my other latest makings I decided to make use of...
  11. edschembri

    Fallkniven S1 Blade Blank

    Hi guys, I'm considering getting the Fallkniven S1 blade blank, and slap my own handles on it and sew together a sheath (obviously in a bit more precise and caring fashion) Fallkniven quotes that the hole diameters are 5.5mm and 6.5mm diameter. So, what im asking you guys is - have you...
  12. A

    Searching for Machete Blank

    Hi, Having made a few knives in the past I'm looking to try my hand at a machete fit for proper use, but can't find a blank anywhere. Anyone know where I can find a decent Machete Blank? Huge Thanks.
  13. Totumpole

    Skeleton Tang Strength - Opinions please

    HEy guys, I've just seen the following link in another thread: Got me to thinking about how weak a skeleton tang would actually make a knife. I've seen numerous youtube video's praising the Enzo trapper for being...