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  1. J

    For Sale Bushcraft "User" Package (GM Timberwolf & Mora Forest)

    Both of these are what would be called "users". They have *not* been abused but have had time on sharpening stones after use. 1. Gary Mills Timberwolf This one started as a blade blank a couple of years ago. I have put green micarta handles on it with red liners and stainless steel corby bolts...
  2. Leo Seven

    How I build a wooden log cabin in a forest alone. PART 2

    This is the second part of the video of my work in the forest. Covid 19 partially limited people in freedom. This is one of the reasons why I go to the forest so as not to go crazy at home. Almost finished.

    Trip Report Video of trips in late autumn/early winter in Estonia

    Hei! Not really a bushcrafting video but rather a collection of clips from few places I visited past 4 months for your enjoyment. Any thoughts and critics are welcome. Still learning about filming and editing.
  4. Le Loup

    Living Off The Grid.

    We have been living off the grid for over 30 years now, for over 20 of those years we lived without electricity or any modern conveniences. I supplied meat for the table using my muzzle-loader flintlock fusil, & we grew our own vegies. The cottage we lived in we called Elm Cottage, which I...
  5. tracker1972

    Campervan in the woods.

    I asked a while ago (but possibly in the wrong place) about camping, in the woods, but with a campervan. Kids love it (based on many, many happy trips to Tackeroo at Cannock Chase) my wife loves it, and so do I. Would love to camp in a large enough tent but basically my wife isn't quite as...
  6. Angst

    ''Stained Glass Window'' Small Forest Axe Sheath

    Hi...after talking to Dready a few days ago about how I'd not done a 'stained glass window' sheath for a while I suddenly got the urge....hope you like, regards Sonni dont you just hate it when you get a hole in your glove...
  7. Angst

    Canvas & Leather Axe Bag's not as kool as a twodogs bush-shirt and it's not as complex as a fenna-bloke back-pack or as vast a job as a bilmo tarp, but i'm happy with my first decent project. i made this axe bag first as its something i'll use myself...i've woods just round the corner and have often wanted a...
  8. Cobweb

    Bimble in the Woods with the dog.

    Hi ho, hi ho it's off to the woods we go! Pandora and I went out for the morning today, it was a definitely hot experience and we met quite a few other people on the trail, we normally don't meet anyone! Well, Pan had to stay on the lead for most of the time, but she was still tired out and is...
  9. DonnyOutdoors

    Our Woodland Shelter

    In May 2013 we had an idea to build a woodland shelter, as a base to practice bushcraft. We found a great secluded woodland which we'd visited a few times before and began the build. The design was just improvised on the day, and it turned out to be quite a large shelter. Over the months we...
  10. basicbushcraft


    looking for woodland to use in north west around lanc's area and wales anyone got any contacts
  11. Nightwalker

    Save Our Forests - Britain Act Now

    This topic is deeply rooted to all that is Bushcraft, without our trees we could not do what we love. Tree's are the substance of it all; they give us life. They are the lungs of the earth and let us breathe. Tree's create soil and support an endless amount of flora/fauna, they are the...
  12. effzedess

    Which first knife...

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get my first bushcraft knife having seen the thread put up about Workshop Heaven selling Mora's at a discount. I can't decide between the Mora Force or the Mora Forest. I'm aware that the Forest is profile ground but, do I need that? Will it take the abuse a beginner...