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  • Hey Guest, For sale we have Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteel PLEASE LOOK HERE for more information or use the Pay Now button in the sidebar
  1. David Campbell

    Sold Giant mouse Biblio

    The green micarta version, has been used and has marks see pics for details, deploys nicely and sharp, £70 over 18 and U.K. buyers only please.
  2. Z

    Cowboy Bedroll, mat and straps £100

    Original and imported authentic cowboy bedroll. For full description please see this link I can't remember if I used this exact saddlers, but the quality and details are the same to give you an idea and how it's used. Material in...
  3. Tjekker

    Sold Tahr XP (Aegis) NEW

    For sale: new Tahr (Aegis) XP from Swazi. I just received it last week from NZ but it just does not fit well enough for me. Size S, Tussock Green. See attached photos. Price: 299 GBP. This includes the PayPal fee en Track & Trace package from the Netherlands to your address. I think this is a...
  4. Forest fella

    ESEE 5 S.E.R.E / Pilot's Survival Knife.

    Hi, I'm selling this ''New'' ESEE 5 S.E.R.E / Pilot's Survival Knife. It's a Plain Edge Blade with OLIVE GREEN ''Micarta'' Handle with Bow Drill Divot and Black Kydex Sheath. For £187.50 with Free Postage. OVER 18'S and UK Buyer's Only Please. All payment's via PayPal. Cheer's
  5. Forest fella

    For Sale PHOTON mrk 2 L.E.D Torch with ''EXTRA'S''

    It's 1 Hat Clip & mount,1 Landyard with mount and 1 Heavy Duty Landyard with Clip & the Photon mrk2 l.e.d Torch that's New, with 2 Batt's in it with ''white'' Beam. And 30 Spare CR2016 Batteries. £25.50 with free 2nd Class Postage. UK Buyer's Only Please. All payment's via PayPal. Cheer's
  6. Forest fella

    For Sale 2 Pairs of ''COMBAT'' Socks

    Hi, I'm selling these 2 New Pairs of ''COMBAT'' Socks in Green,Size 6-11 £12.00 with free 2nd Class Rec postage. UK Buyer's Only please. All Payments via PayPal. Cheer's
  7. Forest fella

    Sold 2 U.S issue Army Belts

    Hi, I'm selling these 2 New U.S Service Belts in Green Webbing 1 with a Green Buckle, This 1 is 52'' long and 1 with a Silver Buckle. This 1 is 47'' Long. Plus you are getting 2 New U.K R.A.F and NAVY Issue Brass Buckles. £25.50 with postage. All payments via PayPal Cheer's
  8. Forest fella

    Sold Altoids Style Survival kit

    Hi, I'm selling this ALTOIDS Survival Kit I just made. Its Contents are. The Altoids tin £2 B.C.B Button Compass £3 Shrade Mini Ferro-Rod £5 TOPS Flat Whistle £4 TOPS dog tag Signal Mirror £3 1 Condom with 6 Steri-Tab's Small fishing kit & Small wire Kevlar Cord £2 NATO 10 Wind & Waterproof...
  9. S

    HPG - Tarahumara Pack

    Hi Guys, Selling off one of these packs for those who are interested. Specs of which can be found listed here The Pack's colour is Ranger Green (However a note below on that- Please read on.) Item has been used...
  10. Jackdaw

    Night vision and trail cameras for sale

    I need to fund a night vision scope for my rifle so am willing to part with some equipment to offset the cost. First up is a Bushnell NV Monocular Model 26-0100W (Waterproof) 2.5 x 42. Its used and the battery cover has cracked in the past (been glued) but it doesn't affect it. It's not a bad...
  11. Forest fella

    Sold Survival tin kit.

    Hi, I'm selling this Survival kit. It's Content's are 2oz Tin with Signal Mirror paper stuck to inside of the Lid. Brass Button NATO Compass. SWISS Army Survival Card ''Knife.No kit just the knife. BCB Perry Whistle. BCB Wire-Saw. LightmyFire Mini Ferro-Rod &Striker. NATO Matches&Striker,Small...
  12. Forest fella

    For Sale ''Predator'' Movie Style Knife

    Hi, I said I'd never sell it but needs must, So here's the Chance of a Knife collectors lifetime. This Knife was made by Farid R Mehr and is a scaled down version of the Iconic Knife/Machete featured in the Movie ''PREDATOR''. It's spec's are 14 inch's Long with a 9'' Blade and made of...
  13. Jackdaw

    SnugPak Stratosphere, 5.11 Push Pack, Swanndi Jumpers; Max P Janus Pouch, Petzl Duo

    Now with reductions as shown below. Will also consider trades now. I'm having a spring (ish) clearout of some of the gear that is currently underused. All of it is in as new condition with not marks or tears/rips/holes etc. I don't smoke (unless you set fire to me) and the dog doesn't have...
  14. Graveworm

    2 Bags and a bothy.

    Hi a few things surplus to requirements. First to post here gets it please follow up with a PM with your address and how you want to pay, I can take Paypal or Bank transfer or a cheque if you must. First is a US "Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (Molle) II Medical bag". It has 2...
  15. MertzMan

    Arizzon Wolverine Gen II Backpack 50L.

    So, after purchasing this awesome backpack last week my laptop has decided to give up the ghost for good. Sadly I need a laptop at the moment for my university work far more than I need a bag I won't use until August:( This is less than a week old and comes with the receipt and the 5 year...
  16. MertzMan

    British Army 45L Patrol Bag. FINAL PRICE DROP

    FOR SALE: Genuine British Army Patrol Bag. 45L with PLCE zips for adding your own side pockets. Solid construction. YKK Zips. Removable top flap. Top flap extends about 6 inches to give more space in the bag. Zips can be drawn together to reduce size of the bag as seen in the pics...
  17. little_buddha808

    Garmin Gpsmap 62s (with French and Spanish Pyrenees Maps)

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my Garmin 62s due to the fact that I just don't use it anymore. I bought it a year ago and took it on a trip (walking the GR11 across the pyrenees) for a month but since then it has just sat in my drawer doing nothing :( Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to have a...
  18. savagebushcraft

    FOR SALE Large Bush/Survival Knife

    NOW SOLD Here I have a large bushcraft/survival knife and Kydex sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 3/16" O1 Blade 165mm (6 1/2") Blade, 295mm (11 3/4") Overall 24º Scandi grind Olive Drab Micarta Scales 0.8mm High Impact Liners (Black) Alloy pins and lanyard tube Crisp 90º on spine...
  19. savagebushcraft

    Walnut Burr Handled Bushcraft Knife, With Leather Sheath

    Sold - Funds Received Here I have a walnut burr handled bushcraft knife and leather sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 5/32 O1 blade 100mm blade (215mm overall) 20º Scandi grind 10 year seasoned walnut burr scales 0.5mm brass liner Stainless and brass mosaic pins and lanyard tube...
  20. E

    For sale: DD Tarp 2, 3x3m, 1600g

    ** SOLD ** DD Tarp 2, 3 m x 3 m, 1600g, 8 fixing points (no ridge loops), including guy lines (no pegs). Condition: as new except for stain on stuff sack. £18 inc. postage within UK. Bank transfer or Paypal, bank transfer preferred. This is the same one I bought recently from UKdave (see this...