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    Bake bread in stone oven

    Hi guys, I just made a new oven for my camp, in front of my shelter. I made it very similar to the one I made before and I used pizza, but this time I put a stone to cover the entrance in this way I could keep the heat inside much more and it worked much better, the bread was great and with a...

    Underground oven

    Hi guys!!:) I want to share with u my latest project, I wanted to try to make a primitive kind of Oven to be able to cook pizza, bread, etc... So I started to dig a hole in the ground and then I made the structure using stone, I built three walls then I put in the middle a big flat stone for...

    Watermill for roast chicken

    Hi! I want to share with you some pictures of my last trip to the river, (just to be clear it was not a survival situation or anything like that, I made it just to have fun and do something different) I roasted a chicken using a watermill, that I built using mostly hazelnut wood, for the...

    Best ways to cook on the fire

    Hi guys!! :) what is ur favorite way to cook on the fire? I really love to cook on the sticks, but also in the pan. Share ur photos and videos with me this is how I cooked last time at my camp!
  5. GreenNomad

    Aloc Alcohol Stove

    Just ordered the Aloc Alcohol Stove. Looks good, dirt cheap at £10. Great reviews. Anyone else use these ??
  6. GreenNomad

    Decathlon - cook set Really good price, might have to pick one up. I was thinking of getting an american military surplus but edging more towards the Decathlon.
  7. N

    Tatonka Billy Can Lids.

    Hey guys, I've just received my first Tatonka 1.6L Billy can and from first impressions it looks and feels great, I cant wait to get the smaller one so I can start using it for breads etc. I really like the locking handle design and may try to replicate something on my zebra can if I can...
  8. L

    Wanted: 50L or bigger stainless cooking pot

    Hi guys n gals... looking to get a LARGE cooking pot for making a brew in. it needs to be stainless steel... I have loads of camping, bushcraft, hunting, kayaking and walking gear for swaps if anyone can help me out / point me in the right direction for a cheap one. that would be awesome...
  9. L

    Large but packable wood gas stove

    Just a little project to pick your experienced brains with (if you would all be so kind) I am planning a week on Dartmoor with a few friends & I (in the spirit of wanting to be difficult) I am wanting to take a Dutch oven, I have a Trangia but I want to be able to cook for everyone & the...
  10. rancid badger

    "BANG!" Well, more like "pop" but you get the idea.

    Cooking up another batch of charcloth this afternoon, this time from some old bath towel. 100% cotton, if a bit grubby and lightly oil stained from doing time in the garage/workshop but was a good way cooked when this happened:
  11. wilderlore

    Making a Finnish Fire Log and splitting a large log with a knife

    Hey guys, I've just made a new video demonstrating how to make a Finnish Fire Log when all you have is a knife to split the log. Let me know what you think :) Ste
  12. coastal survival

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow.

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow. Looking good for mushrooms this year, we are running a day course foraging for mushrooms and cooking what we find, a wild woodland risotto is on the cards, with a selection of wild foraged herb teas and what ever...
  13. Samon

    Home cooking, affordable and delicious!

    I would like this thread to be dedicated to cheap, healthy and tasty meal recipes for those of us on limited incomes! As we all know a healthy diet is a key part to a long and happy life, and also a great learning experience for our youngsters so the more recipes, tips and tricks out there for...
  14. R

    Found videos: 18th Century cooking series

    Dunno if this is a repost or not. Found this channel on the weekend while looking for bread recipes: The author runs some sort of re-enactment gear shop but interspersed in his dozens of videos are a great 4 part series on 18th century bread...
  15. Scout Leader

    Cooking without a pot

    Hi, Does anyone have any good but simple receipts and methods of cooking without pots (incl foil). I guess you have your meat on a stick or hot stone, egg (with hole), Fish in wet newspaper. Anymore simple ones?
  16. O

    1 week Out in Sweden

    Hi, This summer me and my brother are planning to stay in hammocks out in the forests in Sweden about half a mile from a house so if anything goes wrong it will be fine. Anyway the question i wanted to ask was what kinds of food can a 15year old cook not too complicated. I want to eat properly...
  17. bushcraftmyway

    bushcraft cooking... my way!

    my first vid posted on youtube was about fire making and outdoor cooking: since than i posted (among other things) other outdoor food/cooking-related vids: - a nice trick to prevent food from sticking to the pot...
  18. Nightwalker

    Cooking Pigeon Stew in Dutch Ovens

    A video put together with some old footage, it's not a tutorial just us preping some Pigeon for a stew in Dutch ovens. Warning: if you're not comfortable with animals being butchered then please browse elsewhere on the forum! Matt, Martin...
  19. atross

    My new outdoor cooking blog, ash on the fire

    hi Just wanted to post up a link to my new blog! I have started to really get into outdoor cooking and I have decided to blog about it. First post is a Mexican breakfast in a dutch oven, Hope you guys like it. Any comments welcome, also any pointers on...
  20. forestwalker

    Birch whisk

    I have just made a few birch whisks. They are quite simple to make. First peal the bark from a bunch (30 or so is about right) birch shoots (i.e. the small side-shoots only a year or so old) using a cleft stick. Then form them into two even bundles: Place them "end to end", with the bases...