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  1. Zodiak

    Primus Stoves

    My Scout group has a crate of old Primus stoves and bits which we have been hording until somebody can "do something with them" but so far nobody has the time or interest. This is a shame as I am sure there are people out there who would love them and put the back into use, so could somebody...
  2. Zodiak

    A Scouting rant!

    For what its worth, in my district we discourage groups from having a website unless they have somebody to keep it up to date otherwise they look sloppy and are not a good advert. In most cases a simple page with a few local details such as a map to the HQ, and a link pointing to
  3. Zodiak

    Trangia Gas Alert.

    We have 10 Trangia gas adapters. All from originals, 8 were crimped, the last two were screw connectors. All the remaining crimps are firm, the one that failed actually split, probably due to corrosion, sadly we lost the bits when packing up.
  4. Zodiak

    Trangia Gas Alert.

    The trangia own brand one. Its about 5 years old. Later ones have a threaded connection so they obviously had a problem.
  5. Zodiak

    Trangia Gas Alert.

    Yesterday morning the crimp holding the gas feed tube to the burner on my trangia failed. The pipe came off, caught fire and I had a jet of flames coming out of the base. Fortunatley I was no where near it at the time. I will post photos, but if you have one please check that the crimps are...
  6. Zodiak

    calling all scout leaders.

    For normal scout activities I (ESL) normally wear somthing like a polo shirt or microfleece (yes the one that says "iScout") and one of several old pairs of regatta trousers. For "Posh" I have a pair of dark blue trousers from Sainsburys that are almost indistinguishable from the Gillwell ones...
  7. Zodiak


    We had anew scout join my ESU last week. She said when will we go camping next, now the season is almost over? One of teh older boys replied "Over? Its only just starting" I loved it :)
  8. Zodiak

    Ray Mears Hits Back at Anti 4x4 Lobby

    I wanted a Lnadrover, but its a shared car and 'er indoors doesn't do noisy cars. We ended up with Focus C-Max, which is described as an "Urban Activity" vehicle. I think that it is fantastic around the town and on motorways, and for a 2 wheel drive car it makes a reasonable fist of driving...
  9. Zodiak

    Does any of your kit have 'mojo'?

    58 pattern water bottle, it has been with me for years, and I have taken it to work everyday for the last 10 years, ever since they replaced the drinking water tap with a big blue plastic bottle and "chiller" I was absolutely gutted when I got back from a trip last summer and realized that I...
  10. Zodiak

    Firesteel ...on steroids!!!

    Ooooooooooohhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm :rolleyes: I had just allocated £45 to buy a CD/DVD drive for my netbook, and now I find these... OK so I COULD buy the little one, but just knowing there is something called the Beast that is 12" and could create that much sparks I won't be able...
  11. Zodiak

    stainless sa trangia

    Cheap PINE disinfectant (PINESOL in the US) gets most paint off if you leave it in soak for 24 hours, although I am not sure that I would use it on a billy that I was going to eat from. Having said that I am not sure I would use any toxic chemicals for that either :rolleyes:
  12. Zodiak

    Bushcraft PLCE webbing

    Mine just came with two D-Rings so attaching them would be a challenge. One came as a bundle of kit from e-bay, and I bought he other one, again cheap on e-bay, when I started this rucksack project to balance out the other one. I had some idea of fitting them at the front, but didn't really...
  13. Zodiak

    Bushcraft PLCE webbing

    Me too, although I found this really useful video on the RvOPs website which demonstrates how to use the Molle system in nice detail. I really like this website, especially the "Field Kit Essentials". You...
  14. Zodiak

    Bushcraft PLCE webbing

    With some not too clever bidding on e-bay I have ended up with a right motley collection of bags and pouches that I planned to use with my 1972 aluminum pack frame, but it didn't really work so I would welcome suggestions how I could make a useful pack for overnight stops. My current...
  15. Zodiak

    Zen and the art of hammocking.

    It just struck me that my daughter has a 1m hammock that hangs over her bed with her cuddly toys in, it would be a doddle to put that between the two S hooks on my Magickelly hammock.:D Hmm I wonder if she would let me try it next weekend ::rolleyes: