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    Bison Bushcraft Boot or any other thin-soled walking boots.

    Hi Tawnyhare and all, Lee Saxby who is the biomech at Vivo is a regular on our courses. We've been trialling Vivos all over europe and to be honest they are a disappointment in repsect of manufacturing processes. But they have listened to our...
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    Through the keyhole

    Big and fresh soil heaps (especially this time of year) are indicative of brock. The pics with the bahco look like fox. Fox tends to leave their leftovers in front of the entrance. The scat is white from the calcium content again indicating fox. Could well be more than one species using the sett...
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    Looking for otter tracks (probably unsuccessfully)

    Bushwacker is right. That could well be a rat in the first two pics. There's a shrew print in there as well. The bird print is a Heron. A pheasant would have a smaller rear 'toe'. I'm not sure about the last print. I suspect it's a dog slipping about a bit.
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    What the chances?

    Fred Speakman did a series of wonderful books. He was a true naturalist and didn't live too far from me. This book, albeit a little old and aimed at younger adventurers, actually tells you more than you think and in my opinion, blows many of the newer authors out of the water. Good find.
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Sorry if my comment sounded pretentious. It wasn't meant to be. I don't believe you need to be a skilled at systematic tracking to become good at speculative tracking. Perhaps knowledge of the quarry to anticpate and predict is more important. Skipping tracks and sign is essential if you...
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Deduction is a process of elimination. Once we have gathered all our evidence, we will start to see a picture or story unfold. We will then start to reason and deduce to ascertain the possible. If we can’t do that, we should look at eliminating the impossible. Once that process is...
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Not quite right IMHO but you are very much on the roght lines. It actually comes through the deduction processes itself.
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    New RayMears tracking course announced...

    You guys are both right, it's a bit of a misnomer but it's up to the person "tracking" to decide what they want to do with what they find. Also don't forget tracking is not just about the footprints or paw prints. It's about all the evidence you come across like feeding sign, scat etc and (as JD...
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    New RayMears tracking course announced...

    I went to Namibia for 10 days a learnt tracking from the bushmen for not much more than this. Sorry Ray, I admire your bushcraft skills, but tracking skills and at this price...?
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    Please Indentify these?

    The snow may have spread the compression shape out a little bit making it larger than the original fresh track. Compare the paw sizes of the front to the rear. If there is little size difference, it may be a hare. If the front paws are side by side it won't be a hare. In the pic the rear paws...
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    Yes, but when we do surveys we have to cover large areas. You're right! I always get a kick when I get something on cam!
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    Have you any handy tracking tips or kit.

    We now have three trail cams at Woodllife Trails. There's a knack to setting them up or you can easily miss your subject; otherwise they are excellent. As 21 Cent Pict says, it's as handy to know what isn't there as well as what is there.
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    anyone know the name of those talcum powder blowers for detecting wind direction?

    Just tie a cotton thread to your sleeve or stick.
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    the great dance

    I've been out tracking with these guys. They're phenomenal. But they do track on sand!
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    Stoat or Weasel?

    In the top pic I reckon you've got both; either that or a young stoat. Difficult to say from the pic.