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  1. nige7whit

    LWWF heads up 89p

    Regarding cheap boil in the bag meals.... 'Ye Olde Oak' used to do some really good large pouch meals, 3 flavours of curry, but I only ever saw them in Asda, and not for a long time now. Princes used to do some great pouch meals, Thai Green Curry was my favourite, not seen those for years...
  2. nige7whit

    Kevlar Protection items

    But.... You get to meet and relate to the people you 'serve And Protect'...... They can't all be bad ?
  3. nige7whit

    Kevlar Protection items

    Even Chuck Norris would have a practice swing before engaging the (large) Osprey plates.....
  4. nige7whit

    Ray Mears... Gocompare advert?

    Never trust a skinny survival expert......... In Ray, we trust !
  5. nige7whit

    Stupid alert: Spyderco Bug lost to an airport security waste bin

    I recently had to 'donate' a Gerber Applegate folder (4.5" blade) to airport security....... OK, it was on the way back from Afghanistan, at Bastion airport. but I had flown with it from the UK, and passed through security at Kandahar with it (in a locked Pelican case) with no problems...
  6. nige7whit

    The shortcomings of the Leatherman

    And... Most wine boxes will fit into a respirator haversack.
  7. nige7whit

    SNUGPAK Sleeka Elite Reversible Green/Black LARGE - As New Cond

    Don't need anything as a swap, just trying to clear out some excess kit and recoup some money. Back home tomorrow, will try to find my camera and get some pics up, but it's entirely as new, if you look on google, it's the reversible black/green version.
  8. nige7whit

    SNUGPAK Sleeka Elite Reversible Green/Black LARGE - As New Cond

    Still for sale, price still includes UK postage.
  9. nige7whit

    THE NORTH FACE Base Camp Messenger Bag, Black, Large - As New

    Bought this a couple of years ago, never really used it, as I find it too large for my needs ! You could get a laptop, ringbinder files, etc in here comfortably, or use it as a shopping carry-all, when out on a bike. The North Face logos in silver on the black fabric, which is heavy duty...
  10. nige7whit

    SNUGPAK Sleeka Elite Reversible Green/Black LARGE - As New Cond

    **SOLD** Winter's coming, just the right time for a nice new cosy warm jacket ! I never really got round to wearing this, as I got another, similar jacket from work, that I use when I need a softie layer. Size Large, handwarmer pockets on inside and outside (for reversible use, and a...
  11. nige7whit

    Some Knives For Sale

    Spyderco UKPK Withdrawn, and no longer for sale on BCUK. It has been listed over on British Blades.
  12. nige7whit

    Some Knives For Sale

    Great, thanks ! I'll send you a PM with details.