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    Which Gilet?

    I have nearly all the Filson wool and moleskin Mackinaw vests. Wear one every day. Wonderful vests.
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    Advice newbie kit wise

    For cooking, I'd recommend a stainless steel or titanium pot with a bail.
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    Cherry wood eating spoon.

    Great looking spoon!
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    Mora Companion MG Heavy Duty- Sharpening?

    I would not recommend sharpening the knife by holding it at a particular angle. It's a scandi-ground knife and the easiest way to sharpen it is to lay the entire bevel flat on the sharpening surface and sharpen away. By lifting the blade up and holding it at an angle different than the scandi...
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    Enzo Borka musings

    Interesting knife. How thick is the handle?
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    Sycamore Spoon

    Nicely done!
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    Smallest Usable Knife Blade Design??

    My edc necker, the tick bite, in this pic, from Calvin Richardson. Great little utility blade. 154CM steel.
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    Well, I was gonna ask what is a spurtle but you answered it. :) Good wood carving project.
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    Vintage Jaeger wool sleeping bag

    That is really neat! Classic camp gear!
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    Stuff to carry on the Tube in London

    flashlight dust mask water energy bars knife small fak whistle duck tape sewing kit Pretty much what I carry in my pack to work every day, except for the dust mask and energy bars. I keep these in my office. In case of a fire, the dust mask can reduce smoke inhalation. You might not use the...
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    Pulse Ox

    I've been using the NONIN GO2 Achieve for about 8 years now. Very reliable. I use it in a physiology course I teach. Reasonable price for the quality.
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    1943 Swedish Military axe refurb

    Nice work! Lot of class in that tool. I like the stampings.
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    Looking for a felling axe recommendation, something better than Gränsfors?

    Have you ever used a boy's axe? They are a 3/4 axe, with a shorter handle and a smaller head than a full size axe. More heft in the head than a 3/4 hudson bay style axe. One of my favorites is an old sears. Top axe in the first pic, middle axe in the second pic. The 3/4 cruiser double bit is...