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    Is Poly-Cotton, as bad as Cotton ?

    S'funny isn't it, for years the technical fabrics have ruled the roost with innovation and the 'new and improved' being the watchwords for anyone with an interest in the great outdoors. Now we're looking to the past and woolen garments are making a comeback. Warm when wet, waterproof to a...
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    What does your screen name mean?

    Greywolf I chose it because I love wolves and the native wolf of these isles was the timber or grey wolf. (until they were made extinct :( ) A much misunderstood, maligned and misrepresented mammal I'm living up to the name though. My hair was described as Grey/Brown on an official...
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    Thanks Red, I'll make sure he sees that. He seems a bit *BOING* today :rolleyes: Take a breath Son, and s l o w down :D GW
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    But WE still choose what clothes you buy :lmao: :D GW
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    Thinking outside the box bucksaw

    It's not too awkward to use, you just hold the frame above the blade rather than underneath. ;) GW
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    Thinking outside the box bucksaw

    I was involved in the bucksaw competition, but I didn't have the time to make my real entry due to other things getting in the way. So.... Here is my Bucksaw, as per the spec of the competition, it fits inside a bergan and collapses for carrying. Yes, that IS my Bergan backframe...
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    I have to agree with that Son. Welcome to BCUK, now you can see what I've been going on about for so long :rolleyes: :D I would like you all to meet my Eldest, he's a great kid with a real interest in anything outdoors. He already know how to light a fire, make a bow and can ask more...
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    Winter predictions

    It's not that the tree can predict the future, its because birds and animals would normally have stripped the fruits from the branches. The fact the fruit wasn't suggested that they had been gaining food from somewhere else, but they had started to eat the 'hard times' food which suggests a...
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    Build A Bucksaw - The Final!

    Well Done Jon! :You_Rock_ GW
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    Build A Bucksaw - The Final!

    :eek: I made it as far as the final... I only made the mini one as a joke too. I have voted, may the best maker win :D Go Weaver! GW
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    Build a Bucksaw (Competition registration)

    My apologies, I have had a load of things going on at home and completely forgot about this competition :o Best of luck to those that entered. GW
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    Pure Lust - Don't know what to spend your Christmas Money On?

    Fire to heat metal. Magic occurs within forge Blacksmith as Artist. See what you made me do, I gone and spilled my haiku all over the keyboard :lmao: Fantastic work, ablsolutely drool worthy Greywolf
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    Humorous photo/caption competition thread

    Zebra Billy company make new 'Moot' size billy!
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    Just stabbed myself

    Let us know how you get on ;)
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    Just stabbed myself

    Hi Wibbl, It isn't Greywolf, it's his wife who can't remember her login details LOL. Try soaking in salt water. Put plenty of salt in. Then dry thoroughly and cover with honey, the firm stuff is better then dress the wound. The salt will help kill of any infecting and the honey draws it...