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    Pictures from a South Wales Bushcrafters Meet

    Cheers John , we had a good time. Great to see good friends and new faces .
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    Bushmoot 2013 - My pics

    Great pics Steve ! Is that a man-bag John is sporting or a peg-bag ? I also agree , the best moot so-far and a very moving send off for young Drew . Well done to all who bent over backwards to make the moot so memorable in every way . Cheers Rolly.
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    A few pics from Bushmoot 2013

    Well John , I think you've found you're perfect colour , matches your eyes .
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    Happy Birthday Firecrest

    Happy birthday , have a good one!
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    Happy birthday Red kite

    Happy birthday Stewart.
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    Not a Duluth!!

    That's really nice , well done !
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    Kate Humble in Afghanistan

    I caught this last night , a superb programme . I always find it very humbling to see how welcoming and generous people are when they barely have enough for themselves . It's also nice to see that not all of the world is caught up in the troubles that seem to dominate the news ,I think there are...
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    Nordic themed buck saw. finished.

    Stunning , I love it !
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    No matter what I've been doing since the weekend my thoughts keep drifting to Drew. Reading the comments on this thread bring a lump to my throat . Then Dave , you go and post that video and the tears are now running , superb video.
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    Drew Dunn Respect's funeral service details.

    I sadly cannot make it to the service , I'm out of the country , but I shall raise a glass to him on the day .
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    I'm am absolutely stunned to read this terrible news . My condolences and thoughts go to Drews family , he was unique ( in every way ) , entertaining , willing , kind hearted and he was part of the fixtures and fittings on this forum and at the Moot where I always received a very warm welcome...
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    My Daniel Boone Challenge.

    Excellent write up , and great photos . Well done !
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    Some amazing wood carvings at a website

    Incredible work , love it.
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    I.D. This Mystery Item Please!

    Going on the bike rack theme , could it a repair/display stand for a Penny Farthing ?
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    Bushcraft beards

    The other advantage of a beard , as you get older , the beard is perfect for camouflaging excessive nose and ear hair . Just comb it in and blend !,