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    New computer advice

    Libreoffice or even Kingsoft Office. I'm not a fan of the cloud as all that is is storing your data on someone else's drive and has huge privacy implications. Microsoft are going down the tie you into a subscription road. I despise them and I used to work for them. I run Linux Mint myself, truly...
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    Light weight tent for Tall person

    Have a look at the other backpackinglight website kit, they have some lightweight tipi style tents which might suit. If your budget extends to it a lightweight tentipi would be excellent.
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    Tentipi Safir 7

    I've the canvas version and no way would I bring it backpacking at about 11kg Inc floor, it's heavy enough dragging into a festival. It's also pretty bulky, taking up 40-50l depending how you pack it. The light version is about half the weight but the likes of have some...
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    Protecting a new PC...

    Regular backups of your data onto an external drive and stored at someone else's house. Firefox browser with adblock edge, ghostery, noscript extensions enabled and suitably configured. Even better, browse using these via a vm.
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    seam sealing luxe hex peak

    I had the very same thing on the same tent. Instructions seemed to say to do the outside but I ended up having to remove it once this happened. I haven't had the chance since to try and do it with diluted bathroom silicone.
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    Cuillin Ridge - by bicycle

    Stunning scenery and production, amazing shots from the drone. I was thinking what's the big deal here for a short while, lol, then saw it's quite like a recent experience I had on Slieve League cliffs where poo nearly came out, I'm not great with them exposures.
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    Goretex and Lightweight walkers

    I got a Paramo recently but have only really used it in Sweden so far. Being a red-headed Irishman who usually dies in anything over 23c I had to wear it to stop yet more sunburn in what I later found was 26+c and I was actually fine in it. I've just worn it briefly at home in two very heavy...
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    The Hobbit

    I've read all the Tolkien books twice, first in my early teens and was bored silly. I tried them again after another ten years or so thinking maybe I'd see something more but no. I guess partially because I'd already read stuff like Donaldson's Chronicles of, what was it, White Gold Yielder and...
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    Tutorial Repeat: Waxed leather drinking flask.

    Amazing tutorial, many thanks for taking the time to do it. An ignoramus like me really appreciates seeing how this is done :-)
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    Handmade Leather and Canvas Day Pack

    A real work of art, I'm drooling here, well done!
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    Waterproofing canvas tent

    Would anyone know if Fabsil would be suitable for the material in a Tentipi? I'm guessing yes but wouldn't like to wreck it.
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    Down mats and 1 man tent???

    I picked up a Luxe Hex Peak recently and am quite happy with it. Loads of room to sit up, light and packs down small etc, and I reckon the MiniPeak would also be very good.
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    Wild Camping on the beach with my 4 year old son

    Fantastic stuff, great to see the smiles on the little man's face.
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    A couple of Satchels

    Those are amazing! I'll confess I've never even looked at anything like them before, but just had a quick trawl around the internet and all I can see commercially are bland rubbish in comparison and cost an absolute fortune. How I'd love something like those, they'rere absolute works of art...
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    Tentipi Tent for Motorcycle Camping

    I know what you mean, I spent years cursing tents til I found the Tentipi, and while it's still a compromise, it's less of a compromise than anything else I've been able to get my mitts on :) I have about four other tents which have been unused ever since I got this, though I did take the...