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  • No Idea mate...not been online fer a while...kinda dropped out o' the scene fer a bit....soz....I guess Mad Dave would know?
    I need to sell my house - almost convinced myself to put it on the market - but the prospect of buying another fills me with dread.

    I am coming around to the idea of joining facebook.

    I'm definitely coming to the moot - I keep getting funny looks from friends when I tell them I'm going to Bridgend for my summer holiday though.

    Good luck with the house hunting - make sure you have a good poke around!
    My moot just seemed to continue but with a different set of people :) Been working at my local woods (square mile ancient limestone ash and beech) ...bodging last week, charcoal burning this week. Doing my chainsaw course next month probably. All good! :)
    Oops, 3 weeks is more than a little late for a reply, sorry. Currently enjoying a bit of later summer sunshine and appreciating the Yorkshire Dales.

    We had a 'kid's party' themed party at work last Wednesday afternoon (free afternoon off - not to be sniffed at) to celebrate the company's 15th birthday. I managed to win the ladies welly wanging! Was not a great throw by any account but some of the competition did manage to throw the welly behind them!
    Hi Craig, you got your membership fixed at last then :)
    Things are pretty good, suffering from bushmoot withdrawal though!
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