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  • Glad you're enjoying the nutella :)

    My parents have just been visiting friends in Wales and drove down to the moot campsite to 'see where it was'. I have a vision of my mum turning up next year if I fail to phone home or something :yikes:
    hiya relfy now then just a quick question are you still organising a treasure hunt with capt'n badger or not and are you going to be using any of the other naughty corner entertainers cos i would be up for helping as i told the captn but i havnt herd anything so thought i would ask

    hiya relfy how are we and what we up 2 at the moment cos i am still in the hotel trade and loving it also i hear you and the sister are coming to the moot well personally i cant wait matey. so hows life treeting you and hows tricks drew
    good thanks, it getting to that time of year when they are becoming sort after, although money seems a bit tight right now. I have had my horses out but not my waggons just yet. its more about having the time than out else. Nice site I keep looking, loads of questions some answers not enogh time lol
    All the best Les
    Hi you never posted your painting photos of the barge but yer you can paint me waggon shall I pop it in the post:)
    Yeah, blender needs a kick start, but once you've got the basics, it becomes intuitive :)

    Ooo - post your pickie so I can see! A fore and aft er!!
    Ah - you twigged without my help :) Great he's here at last!
    Right, I'm off to smoke sheepskins - have a good day...
    Good morning just a quick hello as I am now on this site you and your sister recommeded.
    Les x
    I was given exercises to strengthen my transverse abs and my butt (gluteus medius) and hip adductor stretches. The physio treatment 'fixed' it straight away.
    Get thee to the doc (or perhaps a physio) post haste.

    This time last year I 'hurt my back' (probably triggered by carrying a huge piece of kitchen worktop down a loft ladder!). Couldn't sit for very long, struggled to get in an d out of the car, couldn't roll over in bed, couldn't put socks without difficulty. After two weeks I went to a physio and it turned out I had put out my sacro-illiac joint - it needed manipulating back into place and wouldn't have got better by itself. I'm kinda waiting for it to happen again as I've stopped doing the exercises - probably should be doing them everyday, forever!
    Erm, yes, I seem to have moved in the wrong direction (which hasn't exactly impressed my worrying mother). It's very pretty up here though, my lodgings are less than a mile from the Yorkshire Dales National Park boundary. I'm looking forward to getting out on my mountain bike.

    After four days I can safely say this job is going to be a lot more challenging than the last one. I'm kicking myself for not looking sooner. Been reading some new colleagues' CV's and they're (mostly) younger than me and have actually 'done stuff.' I seem to have spent the last ten years faffing about.

    Can you do anything to help the lumbago or do you just need to rest?
    I was forwarned by the handbook and actually managed to look quite smart, I'd done ironing and everything!

    So, are you back studying then, what is it you're doing?
    How goes it in sunny Sharpness?

    I have moved (well, sort of) to Yorkshire. Got a new job, first day today. I apparently have to look professional at work.
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