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    where can I get 1 strand paracord from plz

    Have you had a look at any of the chandlers I know they do cordage down too 2mm. Bob
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    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    polar bear polar bear stand by tonight?
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    Resurrected Mini Crabs Group buy - Delivered by post or to the Moot.

    Mine arrived today, they look good Thanks for organizing.goodjob Bob
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    Resurrected Mini Crabs Group buy - Delivered by post or to the Moot.

    1. Midnitehound - 5 lots of 10. 2. Disruptive pattern - 2 lots of 10, Bundled. BACS?/ADDY 3. Dark Horse Dave - 2 lots of 10, BACS?/MOOT 4. richardww - 5 lots of 10 PP?/ADDY? 5. adestu - 5 lots of 10 PP?/ADDY? 6. woodland mouse - 5 lots of 10 BACS?/ADDY? 7. belzeebob23 - 2 lots of 10 PP/ post 8...
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    How the Wild West was won with Ray Mears

    As Red as said only need a licence if watching live. Bob
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    10000th post

    Congratulation Sam Bob
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    Kit thats come and gone ...

    Brass sierra cup, never! you can't get hold of one for love nor money. Bob
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    10000th post

    Congratulation on reaching this milestone which means you averaged about 2000 posts a year and about 6 posts a day got a lot to talk about then:mexwave:. 1. Macaroon 11 2. John Fenna 6 3. Mesquite 16 4. belzeebob23 23 Bob
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    citronella candles

    Plus 1 for this. think personally the bergamot works better you can also take a small drill to the candle lenght and drop a couple of drops of oil into the holes and reseal down the length dose not take long and works a treat. drill in about every inch along the length Bob
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    Wanted small leather belt pouch

    Hi guys I'm looking for one of you talented leather guys to make up a small leather pouch for myself, after small health scare. I'm now stuck having to carry a nitrolingual pump spray. I would like to carry this individually on my belt. I'm thinking a cross between a zippo leather pouch...
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    Leather Patch :- " Not All Those That Wander Are Lost " VERY LIMITED AVAILABILTY

    Hi Tee dee Picked mine up from the PO today stunning. Just need to sort out how I'm going to attach it to my bag. Thanks for sorting out the GB. Bob
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    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    Hi Guys just a wee update. just back from hospital where the have cleaned out the old heart pipes and fitted a couple of stent. so all good bob
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    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise's films series, books and culture.[2] The date was chosen for the easy pun on the phrase "May the Force be with you"—"May the fourth be with you". In 2011, the first organized celebration of Star Wars Day took place in...
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    where to get a starter bushcraft blade

    Hi Laim We all had to start some where., normally on a tight budget to start. As the guys have said mora clipper or a hultafors hvk are cheap as chips and are used by most bushcrafters. Have a look at the gift it on thread too, knifes appear on it occasionally as do other bits of kit. Bob
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    Biker, Happy Joan of Arc Day!

    Well i'm glad i could do some good Auntie, and remember your only as old as the person your squeezing!!!!:rolleyes: bob