Winter glove ,which ?

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Put the mittens on over your gloves so you gloves don't get cold.
Mittens on a long cord inside your coat and down your sleeves.
Can't drop a mitten in the snow if you have to take one off to reload and shoot your rifle.


Aug 30, 2015
A sidenote on the matter. Bicycled to work the other day in some -7 celsius. I wore my Mechanix gloves and on top a pair of shell mittens. Lo and behold; suddenly I meet a girl on bike with bare hands! How on earth could he stand the cold?! She had pulled the jacket sleeves as low as possible but still there was bare finger. My hands would have hurt as h**** without gloves.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
She may have been accelerating a biochemical change in her hands. The same thing which happens in bird legs and toes.
Using cold as the stimulus, the lipid molecules in bare/skinny extremities are gradually replaced with others to maintain flexibility.
The reverse takes place as the weather warms up in spring. Probably easier to demonstrate in an ugly cold place like where I live.

Fuzzy gloves with a leather cover and mittens if I have to.

I've watched guys in the logging business work bare-handed at -20C (changing wheel bearings.)
I've watched piano students get ready for a recital = the BIGGEST and fluffiest mittens I have ever seen.


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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Are the various specialist Raynaud's Disease gloves a gimmick? I see most claim to contain 'silver' but they're only a tenner :dunno:


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Jul 14, 2008
My mitts have a loop cord which you can tighten around your wrist. It keeps the mitt very close to your hand and I can (with difficulty that means I'd never do it unless I had to) put the mitt on with just my teeth and the hand that's going in it.

Used to have mitts or gloves on the cord Through the coat as a very young kid. Hated it because I could feel the cord over my shoulders. Plus it was knitting wool. Our boy had a plastic cord but he too kept taking it out when he could. As soon as he gets one mitt off the clip he would lose the other mitt running around so we'd have to retrace our steps to find it.

Some jackets aimed at cold weather have D loops on the sleeve to clip outer mitts to for security. Of course my extra security is to have at least a second glove / mitt system in my pack that's able to cope with the conditions. You really don't want to lose a mitt or glove to have nothing to replace it with.

I wonder how they diagnose reynauds? My go just said it sounds like it and printed a sheet about it like it was true. I don't get the symptoms now so I doubt it's a real m diagnosis for me. I wonder if there's people living with it who might have another condition that's treatable?

Duggie Bravo

Jul 27, 2013
Update on the Sealskinz.

I wore them in the week to take my daughter to school.
Temp, according to my thermometer was 2 ish degrees C.

Finger tips were cold on the walk to school, but on the walk back, my hands were on the verge of being too warm.

I’ve started looking at the Sealskinz merino lining gloves, to be on the safe side as they should be thinner than the running gloves I currently have to use.

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