Willow Bark Cordage


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Aug 4, 2013
Am hoping to have a play with making willow bark cordage, I have a couple of questions tho.

In one of Uncle Rays videos he specifically uses a trunk slightly larger than his wrist. Is there a reason other than yield vs wound to the tree? If I use a smaller piece do I get a thicker bark?




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Apr 11, 2006
Perth & Anglesey
Wrist size thickness seems to be the accepted norm for getting a decent size piece of bark with minimal off shoots. If you need less cordage you might chose nettles or roots (job depending), the advantage of willow being you get a larger yield for simular effort and the strips can be a good length (2-3 times longer than nettles for example). As it grows so well you can harvest effectively without killing the tree. I've made cordage with it a few times and that would be my take on your question.


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I use whatever I can find, but a bit larger trunks give more cordage (and often longer pieces). I really like making cordage, it is a nice, meditative activity. If you want good stuff make it with three strands (first make a two strand cord, then add in a third one), but the simple two strand cord works quite well for most porpoises .