wilkinson sword dartmoor knife

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Oct 31, 2003
Have a quick search Pedro there is another thead running where someone had a serious problem with the handle which is seeing some pretty poor treatment from Wilkinson Sword, might help your decision.

imo there are better ways to blow £150 on a single knife but again a search will bring up many alternatives.

Damn joe beat me to it while I was writing.


Great Pebble

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Jan 10, 2004
Belfast, Northern Ireland
If.. You're comfortable with a large, heavy blade it's a decent enough knife, up until the point at which I encountered the problem I was very happy with it. The shape of the blade allows for a variety of different usages and if you're clever with a stone you can alter the profile a bit to accentuate this.

It is, in basis, a chopping instrument that will function fine for most general camp tasks and the majority of the more "practical" bushcraft activities too. It'll be, fine for making a bow drill & hearth... You won't be making any spoons with it though. It could stand to sharper out of the box. Being stainless it's a pig to sharpen but holds an edge well when the task is done sensibly.

Now.... I did encounter a wee problem with it which you can read about on the thread linked above, a serious problem in my opinion and one that should really have been given urgent attention.
While WS customer care is friendly, always available and were initially quick off the mark in responding to my report of the failure, in my opinion they have rather failed to resolve the issue in an timely manner.

I should point out, in fairness that WS have told me that this is the only reported failure of this kind.

The short version is that I'm prepared to accept that whatever happened with my Dartmoor was an isolated incident, it happens in any industry, it even happens to the custom houses occasionally. I'm also quite happy with the Dartmoor design, and would be happy to use one again (given the chance).
I'm less than happy with WS. And would be inclined towards mentioning the fact to any prospective purchaser of their products... Oh, I have.


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Aug 9, 2004
Squidders, I was just being flippant (or should that be facicious - doesn't matter, I can't spell it anyway!).
From what I gather WS have been pretty good with returns, which makes the business with the Dartmoor an exception.


Sep 14, 2004
Ive just recenty joined bushcraftuk so only just spotted this thread. But if your interested i have a wilkinson sword survival knife and might be interested in parting with it if your interested?


hey, ive just noticed this thread and was wondering if you have already parted with your dartmoor as i am keen to get my hands on one. cheers