Wild camping in wales? ?

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monkey boy

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Jan 13, 2009
Hi guys I am looking for a large woodland to get lost in, in wales? A friend of mine has ask me to show him a few skills for a long weekend. Are there any recommendations for locations for wild camping or even permitted locations. Any where in wales will suit, :) thank you in advance

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Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
Monkey boy,
The subject of "wild-camping" does not always sit comfortably on this forum, as an illegal activity, any mention is frowned upon, as alluded to in the guidelines and rules section.

Unlike other areas of the UK, I know of no similar permitted activity permissions on the Brecon Beacons, Cambrian Mountains, Snowdonia range, nor anywhere else within Wales.

Even if you accept that "it" goes on, many people are not prepared to share their favored locations with strangers.

Campsites are available that have "wild areas" where you'll be able to achieve your desired purpose, but a question about "wild-camping" might not return the answers that you are looking for.


Ogri the trog


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Jan 25, 2014
Inside the wire, Llanelli
Glyn-Y-Mul farm near Neath is good place to practice basics, easy to find and has lots of possibilities. Alternatively seek out John Fenna, who runs a monthly meet over at Cenarth.
Truly 'Wild Camping' is of course forbidden in Wales as it upsets the dragons, however in the more remote upland areas they do tolerate wanderers who have misjudged the terrain and need to bivvy down overnight for safety reasons. Provided that is they don't have a fire that can be seen for miles, chop down trees to make a shelter, upset the sheep etc.

That said technically you can wild camp adjacent to a bothy... If it is full.
The downside of this is '

  • 'a' it's unlikely to be that busy
  • 'b' there are only four in Wales near woodland (confiner plantations)
  • 'c' they are not exactly easy to reach
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