Which bag/pouch for Swedish Army Trangia Cooker?

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Feb 15, 2016
Just use whatever you have i'd say. i stick my cooking stuff in an old sleeping bag stuff sack. This is one of the cases where it just really doesn't matter :p

Dark Horse Dave

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Apr 5, 2007
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There's a trader on ebay and Etsy called 3treesproducts (No connection) who makes nice little light canvas stuff sacks for them. I have one and like it for its old school vibe. Other than that there was a thread on here a while ago (I'll try to find a link later) by a chap who had a very nice set-up using half a Swiss army double belt pouch (think waterproof 58 kidney pouch)

Edit: link to the thread I was thinking of: http://www.bushcraftuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139566
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Dec 3, 2014
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Aye Up,

Swiss kidney pouch set up was this -


They come as an attached pair for about three and a half quid.

Easily modified to a single (just unpick stitching).


And can hold the stove with accessories plus a boil in the bag meal.

SAT2..jpg SAT10..jpg


Jul 10, 2004
Always meant to get a drawstring bag for mine, some good suggestions for alternatives here gents. Thank you 👍🏻


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Dec 3, 2014
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that looks like a great base for a mod

what are the dimensions of each pouch?
Aye Up Corso,

Dims as shown in image. As the pouch is flexible it will hold slightly more than a rigid container of the same dims.

The material is rubber-ised Cordura so it is quite tough and water resistant ('58 webbing was a bitch when it got soaked!)

You can just make out in the images that I have mod'd the pouch so that it has a lid grab handle and a remove-able shoulder strap.

Swiss Army Kidney Pouch Dims.jpg SAT1..jpg SAT2..jpg :)

Alan 13~7

Oct 2, 2014
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Center of picture is one half of a Canvas Ammunition Magazine pouch Baghdad Iraq Supplies Soldier Military which is a perfect fit for the SAT stove also the S10 Respirator Gas Mask Bag is my go to for my SAT
The S10 is a little more spacious & will easily hold the SAT in its ammo pouch with room to spare for other "Stuff"!

Hadn't realized at first but like adz -1983, Bikething, & hammock man

Mine is also actually one half of a 58 pattern kidney Pouch SAT fits perfectly I "NOW" vaguely remember doing the surgery on these to separate them probably about 30 years ago I keep tools in the other half & had totally forgotten, they were conjoined. Expertly separated & refinished (self praise) you would never know they were once joined at the hip even fooled me....

like Jaegers swiss pouches but canvas
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Jan 25, 2014
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1940 Swedish Infantry.jpg
Swedish Infantry circa 1940 demonstrating the 'correct' way to carry the mess-tins.
Bushcrafter's thankfully have a more relaxed uniform code so any bag is a good bag.