What's your favourite Army Surplus Bag?

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Jul 23, 2007
Central Scotland
British Army NATO deployment bag, use it for going my holidays, great bag, tough, easy to carry and haul on and off various transport.

Apr 7, 2016
I know where your coming from Dave , I have a hankering for an Alice Pack , not quite sure why ..........
Am a fan of both the large ALICE and Swedish lk35 bags. Of course, as ever it depends what someone wants to do.........
But for the money, these bags are tough no nonsense hard to beat, if you want external frames?
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Jul 8, 2014

When ya going in to production ;)

Lol, I am not. I have come to the conclusion that there is not market for this type of bag.

You can pick the MTP bag up for £15 and it is really well made, a few weeks back at Sports Direct, you could be a Karrimor Sabre 45 up for £50, people seem to want cheap.

If I put this bag up for sale for say £50-60, I am sure I would get zero response. I recently put 4 bags up on a bushcraft FB page, only one has sold and for just a little more that the material costs.
The other have had no response, bar a couple of 'likes'.

I have one more idea for a 'cheap' bag I am going to knock one up and stick it on the FB group and see what happens. This one will require minimal work and materials.
Jul 11, 2014
In a living place.
My favourite winter bag is the French Army Sac a Dos F3, full review here:

Spring and Autumn I tend to use the LK70 and in Summer the LK35 depending on the circumstances.


Hi there
I have two favourites..
1) The Lowe alpine Sting.. a cracking all round pack, both size wise and comfort wise. A rival to the popular Karrimor Sabre 45, but getting hard to find these days.
2) The medium ALICE pack with Molle Gen 2 straps, sleep system carrier and kidney belt, on a Down East Plastic frame. Strong versatile, and comfortable to carry..



Feb 13, 2010
I am taken with the old army (ww2) small pack in shoulder configuration and the Godfrey first aid bag of the same design

Here is a few pics of my Czechoslovakian Paratrooper vz.85 Pack / Rucksack With East German Poncho full of flaps and pockets. Detachable yoke/harness and even has a built in strap to use as a messenger style bag.


Jan 4, 2017
Look up RIT Dyeing on EDC forum, there are a few people who have tried it.

Hopefully I should have my Olive Green cloned(ish) field pack finished this week.

Thanks for the direction - I finally got round to this today. Used graphite RIT DyeMore. I'm really pleased with the results. Jet black with just a hint of the DPM underneath. Even the plastic buckles and hooks turned black


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Aug 9, 2017
Love this british army 35l pack, and its now my everyday ruc.....and being a canny scot it was only £15..have gave it some abuse and its standing up well...:)


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Oct 13, 2004
It's not strictly surplus but the old issue Finnish border patrol pack is still in production and is my fave. Super comfy and quiet. The downside is it ain't cheap.
Apr 7, 2016
I wanted to see what everyone's favourite Army Surplus Bag is, and what they use it for (e.g. Hiking, Day Pack, Camping).
Doesn't matter if you have more than one favourite Army Surplus Bag, I'd like to hear your opinions and what you have to say about them!

I have a couple of favourites myself:

One of them is the Danish Army Haversack.
View attachment 43005
This is one of my favourites because for me, its not too big, and its not too small either. I can easily fit my Vintage Swiss Army Canteen in there along with a packed lunch, if I was going hiking. But I have also used it for an 'overnighter', in which I was able to carry all my necessities (Canteen, Mess Kit, Food, Fire Kit, Knife etc.). But it has loops on the exterior bottom, which is convenient, as I usually tie up my Plash Palatka to it.

Another one of my favourite Army Surplus Bags is the German Army Alpine Pack.

I have the Third Generation of this Pack, which means its made from Polyester. It has a capacity of 25 Litres, and I usually use it as a Day Pack or a Two Day Camping Pack. It has no trouble fitting in my equipment, but what I most like about this bag, is that it uses the German Army Sleeping Mat as the back support. Even though the sleeping mat is not the best, its still better than nothing. The pack also has two exterior pouches, which you can place all of your necessities in. The pockets however are not fully attached to the pack it self. This acts as a sort of 'sleeve', in which you can slide an axe, walking stick etc. down there. I just find this pack very practical, but very basic too.

So what are your favourite Army Surplus Bags?

Just bought a plasticized? version of this...the Belgian Army 25 litre jobby....more for the canoe. Hasn't yet arrived but cost peanuts.
I'm very low tech., on foot I have the large Alice or the smaller LK 35, or for a big canoe sack, an Italian canvas "mountain" rucksack with a chain link...yes.... top flap closure...bizarre.

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