whats the strangest thing you have removed from the wilds?

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ex-member Raikey

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 4, 2010
a fully decorated xmas tree,...

the lights even had a plug on,....

as if someone had just unplugged it , put it in the car and threw it ,....

hahah this was in august too,...


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 8, 2009
Warrington, UK
The foot off a walking stick, you know those rubber feet you can buy from your stick maker?
went on the end of my staff and got used for over a year actually.
found that on the moors up kinder scout.


Sep 27, 2007
Ruthin, North Wales
Lots of humans whilst on duty with the team (including a couple "stuck in gorse above a North Wales coastal resort"), but whilst out wandering/searching/on exercise I have found (but not necessarily removed!)
-Several stolen handbags and purses, all dumped along the same stretch of road
-A bag full of crowbars
-A Pyranha dagger kayak (in a tree, 300m from the river)
-FOUR anatomically-correct 'personal pleasuring devices', with packaging (work that one out for yourself)
-A few mobile phones
-A HUGE Euclid truck in an abandoned steelworks near Wrexham (not that strange then...)
-Ammo crates and several live .303 rounds near Colwyn Bay
-BCUK Forum user 'Blackwing' (also known as 'Sleepy Weasel')
-Gok Wan (did expect to see him there though, it had been planned for months: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/showbi...-team-go-starkers-for-gok-wan-91466-24789368/ )


Sep 27, 2007
Ruthin, North Wales
Northumbrian: I was the naked one, not him!

He does have a very nice smell though... and is a lot taller than expected. Nice guy though, despite his Versace patent leather wellies...


Jul 10, 2010
A couple of years ago in Glen Etive (down that wee dead end road down to the loch) the missus and I stumbled across the remains of a "wild camp" that looked as though it had been the scene of a rave. It was just a disgusting mess, with loads of melted plastic burned in the remains of what looked to be a bonfire rather than a campfire. We cleared 2 and a bit sacks of refuse away (luckily the car was not too far away). Funnily enough we found a slab of 24 cans of beer that was still in its wrappings and had just been left behind. Sometimes I wonder at how lazy some people can be. The beers were donated to some "proper" campers back at Glen Coe.


Dec 15, 2005
I forgot the roll of £1 notes I found in the bottom of a rhody bush when I was a kid. The bush backed onto a golf course and I just happened to nip round the back for a pee and saw them there. Only about £7 but it was loads to a ten year old.


Oct 3, 2010
Newcastle upon Tyne
When i was younger i found a sports bag up a tree with 3 leather coats in it. only one fitted, gave the rest to pals. Years later whilst on Ex in Germany found a GPMG handed it in as you do, got a nice reward crate of Newcastle brown. I have found some really bizzare bits of crap in my days on the rummage. I think the average Joe thinks that no one walks in wooded areas so the just dump stuff. when on MOD land you always find kit that some one leaves behind after crash outs and stuff have picked up a lot of kit this way.


Aug 3, 2008
Saltcoats, Ayrshire
Found an old wooden baby's cot complete with bedding, the type that the sides drop down. Used it for firewood and bagged and binned the bedding. It had obviously been there for quite some time as it was rancid.


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myself ..... ;)
You beat me to it Spikey :p

talking of weird stuff wasn't there so strong guy who carried a piano to top of Nevis.....think it was there for a while before it was all taken away.

I am always coming across the remains of "camping" sites in my job. Always a mess to tidy up, never any decent stuff left, although once we did score for a crate of stella. Shame of it was I'm an ale man rather than a lager fiend.


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Nov 29, 2009
Lost in the forest
I almost forgot, I found a three inch piece of human jaw, next to a dead deer that had died giving birth, (could have been injured by a car mind you)
I replaced it where I found it, not knowing what to do at the time.
A few months later most of the remains were found very close by.