What would you keep in yours ?

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Jul 30, 2012
For my own immediate bag, as intended for the thread, I’d have.

2x 500ml sealed bottles of water.
Antibacterial gel.
2x packs tissues.
4x ibuprofen, paracetamol, Piriton and 4 days of my own meds.
A multi tool with scissors, or SAK.
A small first aid kit.
Torch with usb charge port.
Powerbank and leads to charge and discharge to phone, torch etc.
Spare socks, pants, t-shirt.
A waterproof, like a pack away Snugpack smock.
A very warm layer or a couple of similar options.
Cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit, and high carb bar type stuff.
Favourite sugary sweets or chocolate.
Relevant documentation relating to house, car, life, etc.

And string :D
Begins to look like a possibilities pouch

You must have a sewing kit, zip ties and duck tape.


M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jan 15, 2011
I remember the stories about people showing up at the shelters for Hurricane Katrina. Despite multiple public service announcements that the facilities were no-smoking and evacuees should bring food, meds, etc. they were showing up with a couple of bags of crisps and four cartons of cigarettes.

Regarding a zombie apocalypse, I’m amazed nobody has realized we can completely avoid that just by tying the corpse’s Shoelaces together before funerals.