What to do with fresh deer hide? Free to collector?

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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 6, 2011
East Sussex, UK
Shot my first fallow deer on Saturday and picked up the carcass today. I took the skin with me but there seem to be so many ways of tanning it I'm a bit confused. Some of them seem to use vast amounts of salt and I don't know if it's something I can pick up easily in the supermarkets. I've read about diesel tanning but again I'd need large amounts of bicarbonate.

If someone local wants to come and collect it, then please get in touch. No bullet holes as it was neck shot (and currently at the butchers awaiting processing) :D

Kiwi Tim

Oct 24, 2014
Tanning is relatively simple.
First thing to do is apply a layer of salt 1/2 inch over hide then roll up let it drain for a week.
Repeat until all the fluid has been removed.
Then scrape off flesh.
Then soak in the tanning solution for a few weeks.
Remove tack and stretch out to dry.
The comes the hard bit of breaking the hide.
Use a commercial tanning solution.
Get the salt from farming supplies
Have fun

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