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David Willis
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  • Haha yes DAvid I was, I am the same Kat that was on your interview and the one you speek to from time to time on facebook :p
    Hi, I'm David, understanding the wonderful world we live in has been always been a passion. Whether learning about wild foods, sheltering from the elements or crafting an item that will make life more comfortable, Bushcraft has many of the answers.

    A little about me:
     Scout Leader - leading Bushcraft activities for all levels
     Many years of Bushcraft experience, CRB checked

    Just completed a years Bushcraft Leadership course & NCFE qualification:
     Outdoor living skills - fire, shelter, water
     Natural history - woodland management, plants, trees, wild foods, tracking
     Crafts - natural materials; bows & arrows, bark pots and cordage
     Leadership and instruction - all ages, Scouts, Park Rangers, Schools, etc
     The safety essentials: First Aid and Food Hygiene

    If you are looking for someone to help run a course, then by all means give me a call, my mobile: 07956 650 404

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