What happened to pipkins?

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
That really surprises me, because a campfire will reach 600˚C, if you're lucky and it has a good blow on it. Most will get nowhere near that.

Ceramicisation of clay into real pottery happens around 540˚C
It will soft fire below that, but that kind of pottery while it will hold, it is porous and not properly fired. Certainly not fired enough to melt sand.
Craggan ware is a classic example, and the mixture is clay and crushed shells or very fine sand.
It holds well enough to cook on, to carry a meal within (if the pot was sealed with lipids from milk while it was still hot), but it's fragile, a good bump will crack it. Been there, done that.
Works really well as a cooking pot at a fire or on embers though.

Just realised, you're talking about a story :)

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