What are you growing?

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Spirit fish

Aug 12, 2021
Deep fried sage leaves are very tasty.
Yes it's the pigeons that are a problem.I have offcuts of chicken wire that I make a tunnel with to pop over my seedlings as they come through. It works very well as I can move them about as needed and don't need supports like netting does. I have netted my fruit bushes too or they'd have it all before it got ripe! Little blanks!
I lost all my blackcurrants to them last year, and a good part of my redcurrants too.
I'm determined to win this year.
Blackbirds are rather partial to fruit too I've noticed.
trap them and eat them


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Can't believe we don't have a thread for this! So here's my little front garden setup:

View attachment 59267

Sorry for the bad pic by the way. The only angle I can get is from the front room window! In the two wooden planters I have potatoes, the left bed has 3 rows of onions, and a row of potatoes, the top right bed is rammed with strawberries, the lower right bed has leeks, a courgette (in the middle of the leeks) and a couple of sweetcorn, plus two rows of potatoes, then I have two bucket planters with.... more potatoes! I'm going big on potatoes this year if you haven't guessed.

I'm really looking forward to a big crop of strawberries this year, they are heavily laden, I just need to be vigilant with the birds and slugs! Any tips for that???

How are you all getting on with your patches?
Mostly older and grumpier


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