What are snugpak sleeping bags like?

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
Are these any good? I'm usually a down bag person but wondering if snugpak bags are any good.

If I'm buying synthetic I believe ME lamina range has a good reputation I believe. Back in the day Ajungilak bags had a good rep for synthetic. I've been always bought down since first being able to afford one but should I consider synthetic again and should I consider Snugpak?

Which synthetic bag is best? Do synthetic have a narrow comfort compared to down? I've read that before but curious to know from people with experience of down and a few synthetic bags

I'll need extra length being 6'5" tall. Prefer to save money if possible. Can get a -10C down bag in XL for £180 but I think Snugpak equivalent temp range costs not much less with a lot bigger pack size. What's your views?


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Nov 6, 2008
I have a Snugpack Antarctica with an expanda panel because although I'm not tall , I am wide.

I really love the bag - its water resistant , cosy and most important for me doesn't confine me in an unnatural sleep pattern.

That being said , I've only heard good things ref Carinthia Bags.. Maybe worth a look.


Dec 30, 2019
I have no idea what the new ones are like, though I expect, given pongo intent , they ,may be as good as the overpriced brands, but my first ever sleeping bag in the mid 1970's was a Snugpak


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Jan 28, 2017
As stated in your other thread I love mine. I've had down before too and don't fully trust it, I had a good rab bag and it struggled with moisture. I've had the elite softie 3 and 4, both great bags. The loft is really high quality. Haven't used a recent iteration though
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May 27, 2008
I use the snugpak elite range, largely due to the expanda panels that allow me to actually zip them up over my chest and shoulders, something that isn't possible with most other standard sized bags !

That said, I also appreciate how well made and robust they are, and couldn't be easier to look after. Using the expanda panels probably lowers the temp rating a bit, so allow for that in your choice. My go to is the elite 3 for most of the year in southern lowland UK, with the 4 or 5 for coldest months and the 2 or jungle blanket for warmest.

On earlier bags the zips had an occasional tendency to snag on excess loose material around the zip area, but I haven't had any issues on more recent ones, they may have tweaked the design or construction maybe.

Oliver G

Sep 15, 2012
Melbourne, Derbyshire
I have both the Softie 10 and the ME Hyperlamina Spark 35.

I bought the softie 10 as an alternative for the bouncing bomb for use on exercise and in comparison to that it's the badger's nadgers, it packs down a bit smaller, is significantly lighter and warm as anything, the reinforced foot box meant I wasn't concerned about sleeping with boots on, the only snag (pun very much intended) is that the zip catches like anything so you need to be careful while zipping in and out.

I picked up the Spark 35 last year as I was after something I can fit into a 45 litre daysack for winter camping, compared to the Softie it's significantly lighter (I didn't think 4 season bags came that light) and packs down to almost nothing. The material itself is softer on the skin but if you have any hangnails you'll feel them catching. The material does feel a little more fragile than the softie so I've taken to using a liner and won't wear boots in this bag.

So to answer your question, if you're after a tough sleeping sofites are the way to go, the're robust and warm but they do come heavier and pack down bigger. If you're after a nice shiny comfortable bag the ME ones are the way to go. I picked up the ME for £75 I can't see it being worth going for a down if you can get a comparable performance for significantly less.
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Feb 9, 2019
I've got a Snugpak SF1 which I love.
It's not as warm as you're looking for, but I'm genuinely surprised by how warm it is for it's size. It packs down ridiculously small, and weighs just over a kilo I think.
I sleep pretty warm, but I've been comfy down to about 6deg C with a baselayer. I think it could go cooler with a bag liner, but the weather hasn't been that cold since I've had it (6months or so).
I like the centre zip, partly because it's useful for hammock camping, but also because it's just, er, useful.
The compression bag could be a little bigger to make life easier, but that's a minor gripe.
It's UK-made too, which I feel is important, without wanging on too much. It feels good against the skin and is very well made with some neat design touches.

It's the bomb.
A really small warm one.


Aug 5, 2008
Hertford, Hertfordshire
I have both the SF1 and SF2 bags, I particularly like the centre zips these have. They are both eleven years old now so bear in mind things may have changed. The SF1 is my go to bag for late spring through to Autumn in the UK. I do recall being pretty cold in the SF1 in April 2010 on my Woodlore Fundamental course, but there was a hard frost and I used my Softie jacket as an extra layer on top and that did the trick. I seldom use the SF2 mostly because my wife adopted it! She's been cosy in the snow up in Yorkshire so I guess it's okay too. Both of these situations inside an issue bivvy bag. You are supposed to be able to nest the SF1 inside the SF2 for extreme temperatures, but I never have. I like the SF1 and have no hesitation recommending it assuming they haven't changed anything. I do agree that the zip can snag on the excess material though, but that's not been a big bother.
Apr 7, 2016
I have not long ago bought a Snugpak Softie 15 extra long (and a possibly superfluous but lovely expanda panel)
For a synthetic 5 season bag it is surprisingly light and can be pulled down well in a compression sack. I have found it really well made and very warm (unsurprisingly!)
It is said in some ads. that there are tie in points for a liner. There aren't; not that it matters, though I always use a liner. Love it.

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