WD40 to waterproof boots?

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Jul 6, 2016
Anyone ever used WD40 to waterproof boots?
Looking up the ingredients it's pretty much just mineral oil.
Some magical mixture of baby oil, vaseline and paraffin wax.

Considering trying it but ive just spent FOREVER cleaning pine tar and beeswax off my hands from doing my boots earlier.

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Apr 19, 2018
Haha ... the pine resin is a long term pest, eh?

It'll knacker the leather over time, the WD40 ... it's the mineral oil that does it, apparently. Usually I use dubbin but I picked up a big tub of Jeffries leathercare a while ago. Seems to last for ever. On the other hand, I've used hardcream in the past for boots and jackets ... that's vaseline, I think, and none the worse for wear. I do worry about the solvent in the WD40 for anything like organic, on the other hand, it'll make short work of cleaning up the pine resin
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Jul 6, 2016
Haha ... the pine stuff is a pest, eh?

Yes and no! User error more than anything.
I normally apply it to my boots with an old brush and a cloth and don't usually have an issue. Nail brush and a bit of soap sorts it.
I use dubbin a lot and rub it in just using just my hands, so thought i'd do the same with the wax and resin. BAD IDEA!
Ive had fairy liquid, soap, methylated spirit, alcohol gel, nail brush, all sorts on it and my hands still quite brown haha.
Had the tap scalding hot to try and warm it up and all sorts.

It's amazing stuff, for all sorts of jobs but it can be a right pain in the bum. I particularly love the smell of it, its just like woodsmoke unsurprisingly but dont put it on your everday footwear, all you'll hear is
"can you smell burning"
"Smells like a bonfire in here"
Haha and it stinks the house out, not everyone finds the smell pleasing.

I applied it to a pair of boots 2 years ago and they still faintly smell of it, despite near daily wear and various treatments of dubbin, homemade waxes n all sorts lol.

Yeah, i didn't think the WD40 would be brilliant but i might give it a test one day.

I usually use dubbin for all my leatherwear. I really love it.
I carry it in my camping pack and use it like vaseline, cracked lips, protect my tools n stuff.
I also buy big tubs of black leather grease that does a really good job at restoring the colour and nourishing the leather boots, keeps em supple and water repellent. Smells nice too.

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