Today's Bootfair Finds

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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
Went out with a couple friends to a bootfair they recommended near them.

Bit of a haul for me getting there but as you can see from the pictures it was well worth the 3 hr round trip. Probably the best I've ever done at a bootfair.

Great time out Will and Lucia, sorry I got all the hurricane lanterns but as I learnt last week when going around a bootfair with Wayland you've got to be quick

Some closeups of various items

Bit of a Frankenlantern.
It's a tinned Meva 863 with a Feuerhand Baby glass in it. It fits well but I'll look to replace it eventually with a proper Meva glass.

Better shot of the Meva 863 with Feuerhand Baby glass.

A type of lantern I've never seen before.
The base is rounded and weighted so it self rights just like a Weeble

After a quick bit of internet seaching it's as I suspected a Nursery night light, commonly known as a Pixie or Kelly lantern

Chalwyn Tropic lantern that needs a new wick and a bit of a cleanup

Picked up this pretty little lantern and had to have it :)

A Chalwyn Far East lantern that's been poorly spray painted so I'll probably strip that off and see what it's like underneath before deciding what to do with it.
But for now it can stay :)

Coffee in the woods

I've been looking for one of these since May when Crosslandkelly let me try a cup of coffee from his. This one needs a damn good scrub out on the inside but for £3 including spare filter and seals it was a bargain.

Selection of tools that's going to be going in my Steamtent toolkit

Vintage handles to clean up and fit to my chuck box once it's made.

Now this is a type of adjustable pipe grips I've never seen before but a very interesting design.
It slides up and down to fit the nut or pipe then you squeeze the levers together for a tight grip. The wire cutters at the back are a handy addition as well.

A nice little Monitor blowtorch.
Needs new seals and pump washer then it ought to roar and breathe fire again

Been after a little coal shovel for ages and was happy to pick up this brass one.
It's going to be very handy to put coals on my dutch ovens when needed :)

I think I have a new frying pan for my Steamtent cook kit in the shape of this nice copper one with brass handle and the tinning in good condition.

Marples 12" square, a very handy bit of kit when laying out stuff in carpentry.
The bevel gauge is a Stanley in, I believe, rosewood.
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Mar 1, 2009
Sheffield, england.
Fabulous finds!!

Some of my finds..

These antler were a couple of quid for the three, There's some nice forks and crowns on them for walking sticks!, I thought the top fork on the smaller one would make a nice natural catty fork!

Bullets large and small, They all came from local bootsales!

A few steam engines although I traded them recently, Can't recall what for though!!

The story of the heroic crew of Mi Amigo during WW2., I also found a copy of Dark Peak Wrecks at the bootsale years ago!

Some Catty's!

A couple of Horn cups with some kind of naive Scrimshaw decorations applie..

A couple of Baitrunner reels for £15, I bought two unused and boxed ones off British Blades, When I finally got up muster to go fishing, My new reels had gone, My lad borroed them and actually wore them out!! :aarghh::aarghh:

Fishing box for a skydiver!! :biggrin:

A framed pic of the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet which is five mins from me!, Can't recall what I paid but it wasn't much!!

A couple of 7x50 armoured bin's for a fiver each!

A large (and heavy!) bag of silver solder rods, I paid £3 for this bag and a smaller one, A chap came up and asked for the small bag for what I paid for the lot, I should have just given him the small bag and felt a heel after! :frown:

Various hatchetts and slate hammers..

There's a heck of a lot more stuff, I reckon we'll be on an episode of 'The Hoarder nexxt door' before long!:nailbiting:

John :)


Mar 1, 2009
Sheffield, england.
I hope that hatchet third from the left if getting used John. It's calling out to me. ;)
They've all been honed and used getting rid of hedges, The next one to the left is a 1942 U.S. Plumbs axe, I the the haft was original as after a couuple of smacks with it the hearted ways!!, I bought a couple of Hickory hafts but not got around to replacing them (Two actually broke that day!! )

This Brazilian Tramontina came from the bootsale too, It takes a wicked keen edge and holds it too!!

John :)