The scent of nostalgia


Nov 29, 2010
Dalarna Sweden
ahhh so many!

The scent of pelargonium immediately propels me into my grandma's glasshouse, where I as a very young lad, spent many a happy hour, sitting in a box/bench, filled with toys and old stuff. I can still hear the rain patter of the reinforced glass roofpanes. Oldfashioned cooking or a warming up coal/woodfed stove does the same into her kitchen.
Diesel/rubber/trucksmells propel me back to the days I spent with my dad in and around his truck; the only happy memories I have of/with him.
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Feb 17, 2018
Creosote. The smell immediately takes me back to my childhood and most importantly, to my grandads shed. Every year he would spend a week redoing the shed and all the fences and the veg garden edging.

That shed was a treasure chest of stuff for me as a child. A long work bench on one side, with all manner of hand tools scattered along its length. Oil cloths, tins with things in, it was a little messy but grandad knew exactly where everything was and as I helped him do stuff I slowly learnt the proper place for everything to.

On one shelf, high up was a small tin marked 'old nails'. One day after an afternoons toil with the strawberry bin, grandad and I were sat just inside the shed door with a glass of lemonade. He reached up to the shelf and brought down the tin of 'old nails'. Cracking the lid with a mischievous wink, he revealed a tin half full, not of old nails but of filterless cigarettes and a few matches. I watched as he struck the match off the floor and took a smoke. He looked like a man content.

So creosote, that's my nostalgia. And I wont hide the fact even now, in my 40s and with grandad gone over a decade ago, I shed more than one tear over that memory.

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Feb 11, 2009
The smell of metal, I was in the mid 90's responsible for a team fitters and welders, and we had to made 100 ton pipe supports in a short time.
We did a lot of overtime, but we had fun, worked hard and the scent of metal, being beams sawed or the smell of welding, allways remind me of this time, life was simple but satisfying and the friendship under the co-workers was great.
I have the same with music played in the mid 90's, we worked long hours, the music is different at night when everbody's asleep, when it's dark, and you're in a big shop alone or with a few people.
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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
Different smells for different times of my life - some I will have forgotten until I smell them again :)

Plasticine – early school years in South Wales
Dead/decaying animals – childhood in N.Africa – that and the sound of dogs barking at night
Deep heat – teenage school rugby years, sitting in the changing room anticipating the match coming up
Cutting fluid and hot metal – apprenticeship years in the gun factory and working on the lathe
Asbach brandy – on exercise in Germany and getting very very drunk!
Giorgio perfume – an intimate friendship :)
Woodsmoke – a thousand campfires, and no bad memories