*The* Gift-It-On Thread

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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
Right then, thought I'd get this up sooner than later because I have a busy weekend.

My offer...a Snugpak Sleeka Forces 35 rucksack.
I've too many rucksacks and this one never gets used. Sitting in the shed it's worthless so I'd rather see it go to someone who will get a use out of it.
So that's my only caveat to whoever claims it - you must post a picture of it in use!

I've made a couple of mods, one minor, one major.
Firstly, I've added a couple of D rings to the strap ends. I always do that - add a couple of mini carabiners and you can clip things like a hat or whatever to them for immediate access, or thread your watch through them, etc.
The other mod I made was to remove the hip belt. I don't like permanent hip belts on packs up to this size. So I removed them. In place I stitched a couple of buckles so you can add a removable belt when you need it and take it off when you don't.

Here's a couple of pictures:


Oliver G

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Sep 15, 2012
Melbourne, Derbyshire
Good Evening All,

I've picked up the metaphorical torch now, for my submission I'd like to offer my 58 pattern poncho, recently waterproofed and in good nick.

I did replace the draw cord for the middle, I'm not as slender as I used to be.