The End of Internet Knife Sales. Law change could target one-hand opening folders

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Apr 1, 2015
As someone who dabbles in law enforcement, I often feel the need to clarify some of the beliefs about being caught in possession of a bladed article. Chris rightly states our powers have not changed in relation to section 1 PACE (power to stop+search). I can confirm:

1) if you’re in a rural setting with a belt knife, are friendly, and have good reason to carry it and don’t try to hide, you’ll have no issue. It’s like with shotguns/firearms. I have worked rurally and on many an occasion chatted happily to someone with a gun slung over their shoulder where in a city it would have been a full firearms authority.

2) if you head into an urban setting, put the knife in a bag. You’ve still got good reason to carry it as you’re going from A to B.

3) police have no interest whatsoever in persecuting law-abiding citizens. If you’re not committing offences while in possession of a blade, are always polite and reasonable, and follow the two rules above, you’ll be extremely unlikely to find difficulty.

Remember, just have a good, lawful excuse to carry it. Work? Perfect. Doing a bit of forestry? No prob. Gardening? Ideal. Self defence? NEVER!!!!!

I always carry my UKPK.m, both on and off duty. When I head to the woods, my knife is always on my belt, sometimes even breaking my rule for a trip to the shops. But I always clearly look like someone who is working rurally. I never worry.

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Could not agree more, just use some common sense.

the vast majority of police officers are reasonable people who will listen to reasonable arguments.

If you come across the odd one that is not, hand over the knife, make a complaint and take it from there. Odds are their supervisor will give it you back.

I have hiked, travelled on public transport and camped all around the UK with sharps in my bag and never had an issue.

The one time I was stopped was in Scotland whilst wild camping. Bumped into a officer and he noticed a hatchet handle poking out the top of my pack. After explaining why I had an axe I was sent on my way no problem.

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Feb 13, 2016
can't understand why this was reported wrong technically, no mention the knife has to be a fixed blade, just says any knife over 3 inches.................bit of a lack of research on the reporters side....................saying that, some of those knives look rather deadly, but at a cheap price.
Hope they now turn their attention on the likes of Amazon and other internet sites.


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Thank you for the heads up. I have not read anything in the available media ( online newspapers,) and I wondered.

The only way to counteract the headless chickens is to form organisations and act like they do.

It is usually the 'Anti' groups that are very vocal.
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Apr 16, 2009
The Offensive Weapons Act becomes law next year. It’s a slog to read, but the only changes I can see are fairly positive. The definition of flick knife has been changed as we expected, so assisted openers will be classed as flick knives. No surprise there, it was always a grey area fraught with peril and hard to argue in court.

And all online knife sales must have a proof of age. All in all pretty sensible, and no mention of one handed openers.

Here’s the legislation. Enjoy ;)

The government will also offer compensation to those legally owning something that will become illegal, such as zombie knives, and some firearms.

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Apr 16, 2012
I was chatting to a pen maker & beautiful things they were too,, he said because the pen has a sharp end.. he may have to stop mailing them.
I wonder?
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