Summer hammock camping on the Appalachian Trail.

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Jul 10, 2014
Connecticut USA
A friend came down from the cold north for a walk on the AT. The plan ended up being 45 miles for 5 days though the electronics said it was 58 miles as it measured each foot step. We got a late start on the first day so would have to pull some miles to get this done. Temps were in the 90's for most of the outing. Humidity was high. Out in the sun it was oppressive but under tree canopy more reasonable.

It's a GO!

Trouble brewing. My belt was too big as lost some weight over the past year or so. The result was all the weight was on my shoulders. This really really was a PITA. LOL! Canadian guy took his Pointman which worked out very well.

First night camping. Fenix CL20 lantern was my one luxury item.

The jet boil worked very great. I took my Pocket Rocket which also worked well but considering a Jet boil in the future.

Hammock camping. We both used Hennessy hammocks. I took a 10x12 tarp in case of rain.

Zebralight SC5w and DIY fire starter.

I hate to lose kit so bright/reflective cordage is often employed.

My UL kit.

Back on the trail.


Glacial erratic.

Upper Goose pond was a paradise on the AT. I got to swim and hang out with some cool thru hikers! I am going back here before they shut down. One of the largest shelters I have seen on the AT. There is another shelter near Bear Mountain in NY which is impressive but this one got that beat.

Hard to see but the lake is out there. Good swimming!

Our target was North Wilcox however we found out it was dry so needed to go to South Wilcox around 16.5 miles. We came from October Mt.

On the trail.

My shoulders were killing me. I need to change my pack belt to a smaller one. Hiked into the might finally making it to South Wilcox.

Cooked in the lean-to but slept in the hammock. Setup the hammock without the rain fly for a change. Only packed the above Mora 2000 and a SAK Hiker for knives. Honesty I was covering too much ground for messing around in camp.

The shelter area was on a hill and lean-to smaller.

Water was tight for the entire trip. Found some in a rock spring. This water filter was useful.

Back on the trail.

Another shelter but only stopped for lunch. Once again I would be hiking into the night but this time some rain moved in.

Our camp setup around 1 am.

The big tarp finally came into play.

Nice to cook under such a large canopy.

Another hot day!

Back on the trail.

Made it!

It was a good outing with the exception of the shoulder stress from my pack which was just crushing. Oh well nothing is perfect. Our water filtration worked well. The Sawyer squeeze and Canadian guy's base camp filter really came through. I must have drank over 2 gallons in a day. Here is a video of the outing.


Thanks for watching.