Suffolk Bushcraft - Family Suff-Meet - Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July 2014

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Big Stu 12

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Jan 7, 2012
2 Night Monthly Suffolk Bushcraft - Family Suff-Meet - Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July 2014

-The Idea of this is a fun weekend for the Whole family

There will be no planned/timed activities, the idea of the weekend is to have fun and get the family, Adults and children out in to the woods having fun and passing on skills to the little ones, I have no limits on numbers at the moment, This is a new idea for the group so there will be updates to information..

Hopefully a BBQ in the woods on the Saturday with meet produced on the farm.. to be confirmed

All Welcome, Newbies, all levels of experience, Tree and Ground Dwellers.

A 10 Acre mixed Woodland that is very quiet and secluded, and lends itself to wild camping, both in Hammocks and Tents/Tarps, just outside of the village of Stansfield,

Regulars that have been to the Site before - 12:00 onwards - First person on site to report at Office before going to the woods, so The landowner knows we have arrived, No arivals after 9:30pm.....

New commers to Site - Meet at Compasses Pub, Stansfield, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8LN. By Arrangement, normally finishing about midday on the Last day. Please be on time as the Woodland is hard to find, (Please be be aware that due to the location of the parking/site being next to House's the Very Late 9:30pm arrival will not be available as we like to keep traffic to a minimum,)

The Camp Site charge is for the weekend, and Paid following Breakfast on Saturday, In Cash Please bring the correct amount.

Family Upto two nights - £40 for the weekend (£12 to Group funds) .. family means from one household, please be fair.... aunts uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors will be extra.....,

Adults - Upto two nights £10 and Group Fund Fee's (£5) = £15

10 to 18 years of age - Upto two nights £5 and Group Fund Fee's (£2.50) = £7.50

Under 10's there is no charge.

A non refundable deposit of £5 per head to secure a place PM me for details.

Under 18s
Are welcome to attend, they are the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian that they came to the meet with, also please keep children under control. Please Note this a remote woodland in Suffolk, it is about 1 Mile from a road, and some time only accesable by foot across a field (about 1/2 mile), please read the full description of the place, it may be worth a visit before bringing under 18's, just to make sure its not too wild for them.

Our meets, are good natured and light hearted, with safety in mind, we aim to carry this on with self regulation, if it does not then the offending person will be asked to leave immediately.

This is a very wild site...There is a Basic Farm Flushing Toilet and Shower at a Farm Yard about 1km away, the nearest Tap is about a 600m from the Woodland.

Personal Hygiene - there is now a Long Drop toilet in the woodland, and a flushing one at the Farm, please bring your Hygiene kits (loo roll ect),

The Communal Area has a number of seat/ small tables, a rustic bushy Table seat next to a clay oven to make food prep a bit easier then doing it on your lap, during meets a Tarp will be put up over the fire area, The fire pit has a concrete base, with a Tripod and Extension with a griddle over the fire for everyone's use.

There is also a Pole Lathe and a Shave horse for use, you will need to bring any tools you require.

There is a lean to one man natural shelter that can be used, in a secluded area, if you would like to use it for a night, that would be on a first come, first serve basis, it may need re-roofing prior to use.

There is NO Facility to leave rubbish on site or at the farm, please bring a Rubbish Bag for your waste and take it home; we have had occasions were other peoples pitches have been cleaned up by others, You Carry In – You Carry Out.

We do have a rule of no rubbish to be burnt on the fire during time people are cooking or using the fire area for food drink preparation, Please respect this.

Fire Places and Fire scar’s to be kept to a minimum, this will depend on activities, if you make a Fire Scar for any reason, other than communal one, then it is your responsibility to clean it up, The Main communal Fire is Everyone’s responsibility to clean up after.

NO Green Wood to be cut........

Vehicles and Access and Parking to site
There is Vehicle Access to the site this will only be for drop off or Pick up of kit ONLY - Car Parking for the woodland will be about 800m away from the woodland in a Working Farm Yard, please do not block Gates and Barn doorways.

Group Meal,

Hopefully a Family BBQ, with meet from the Farm.. I yet have to finalise it with the land owner.. cost to follow.....

(The Group meals are supplied by the person making them, then the cost is divided between the participants, please remember Cash is required).

In case of Unforeseen events that may cause there to be no group meal, please allow in your catering for that emergency meal.

Air Guns/Archery

As it is a Family weekend these activities will be restricted to limited times, and will only be carried out under supervision of a regular long term attender of the group. At this time the group has NO bows/air guns of its own, so cannot offer guaranteed use...

For this meet only first timers will be allowed to bring Archery equipment and Air guns, they and users will have to still conform to the normal Rules in italics below- at any time you may be asked to stop - This is to be confirmed at the next Monthly meet... this may change...

As a Bonus for the Regular Attendees to Monthly Meets will be able to use Air Guns (Non FAC - under 12flb only) for Target use only in a designated area, they will be subject to Chronograph before use by the Range Control Officer,and any decision on the use of Air Guns and Range that he makes will be final, and has the right to refuse the use of the gun or any person using a gun.

Archery will be available as a Bonus activity for Regulars Only on the same Basis as Air guns, Max Bow power 30lb@28" unless you are a Full Member of a Archery Club, and a member of a Feild Archery Govening Body such as NFAS, GANS EFAA, This will be checked (you will need your membership card), Target Piles only No Broad Heads ect. We have a boss and now have two 3D Archery Targets. No Cross Bows are allowed at this point in time.

The Archery Targets are ONLY for use with Bows/arrows, They are NOT to be used for anything else.

Please inform myself if you intend on bringing an Air Gun/ Bow prior to arrival.

Any person not adhering to these conditions may be asked to stop the activity.

Other Info
Please keep to the simple rules and treat it with respect.

Wood can be gathered from around the site, Dead Wood only to be used. No green wood cutting allowed

Please note that the Group Shed is for Group equipment, personal Equipment may be left as a last resort between two meets, but the sole responsibility for the items left in the shed lays solely with the person they are left by, the Attenders, Landowner and the Group are in no way responsible for loss damage or theft of the items.

Of course Micky being taken is compulsory....

I know people Like taking Photo's and sharing experiences, and some do not like the Photo's on the Internet, so Please bear this in mind when posting after the event, also I you do not want your picture on the internet then please make all aware....

Slippers are welcome.....

Also don't forget, people do bring swaps and items for sale, so a meet can be a great place to get some kit.. reason to bring a little bit of cash with you.

All Attendee's, attend and take part in any activities at their own attending you agree to this term.

First Aid
There are no First Aid facilities on site, so you will need to bring your own suitable First Aid kit, not just some plasters.

The nearest A & E is 20 minutes drive at;

West Suffolk Hospital
Hardwick Lane
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP33 2QZ,
Switchboard: 01284 713000

Skill Share Topic/s.
Hopefully there will be a non stop session of skill shares running all the time :)..

If you plan to attend, then Paste and Copy the Just the Attendance List and place name on bottom of list with family/group details add Arrival date and time,


Big Stu, Big Stu' Lady, and 2 under 18's

I will add to the Main Post.

List of Attending
1. Big Stu - Arriving Friday 14:00
2. Iambosscat with missus and 2 under 18's arrive Saturday morning

Other Dates
Friday 4th to Sunday 6th July 2014 - Monthly Meet -Skill Share - Bhutanese Bow
Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd August 2014 - Monthly Meet -Skill Share is Sharps, Fire lighting and lays and Tarpoligy
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th September 2014 - Monthly Meet – (Saturday will be the Response Pack Challenge)
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Big Stu 12

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Jan 7, 2012
This meeting took place, it was a nice one, we had a relaxing time, did a bit of fire lighting and some safe use of knives with the Oscar and Pipper, made a rope swing and did bread making, went for a walk and looked from tracks in the mud,

It was Nice to meet Michelle.. sorry if I spelt it wrong,

Now looking forward to the Moot, with this nice little family, Thanks for the weekend Guys :)


Mar 11, 2013
Was a great weekend, we all really enjoyed it. The children had a great time learning how to build a camp fire and use a fire steel, they cooked sausages and roasted marshmallows on pointy sticks, found different animal tracks on a nice walk the swing that Stu made went down well with the children.

Pasta Bolognese in a dutch oven was yummy and Stu made fresh bread which was great dunked in the sauce. Up till midnight chatting, it was a very pleasant weekend.

I now have two very tired kiddies and Piper wants a bushcraft kit LOL.......

Thanks Stu for all you did, it didn't go un-noticed and was much appreciated.

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