Stove from Dog Food Can.

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Dec 3, 2008
Bruxelles, Belgium
Thanks Jim. I didn't realise that it was a wood stove from the title, and certainly did not realise it was a gassifier. I assumed it was an alcohol stove and wasn't all that interested.

This though is very interesting! :)

The enlargements of the photos on the WAB site don't work - can you post them here? (you may as well copy/paste the text as well if it is allowed).

This type of stove is always the best - especially if one can put an alcohol burner inside for use in places where a wood burner is not allowed or where there's no wood.

As everyone commented on the WAB site - it really makes one go out and buy some cans. :)

Thanks for sharing that.

Oh - and a very warm welcome to BCUK! :)


Mar 24, 2009
North East England
I made a wood stove from a lager keg last year.......not a full size keg, the ones you get in the supermarkets with a tap on the top......

I was in Norway and running out of gas when I happened upon this empty keg discarded at the side of the road in some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on, yes even in the middle of nowhere some people still manage to leave litter...

However I digress, this "find" gave me the chance to build my first Hobbo stove....
I cut the "barrel" at the upper swaged section which meant that top section would fit on as a lid...sweet!

a few holes on one side at the bottom to provide and inlet draft (one side so i could turn it away from the wind as needed) and a few vents around the top.....a couple of tent pegs layed across the top provided a stand for kettle or pot....

upon completion my wife asked....."what are you going to burn in it?"...." we are in Norway, a land of rock water and trees....what do you think I'm going to burn it?" I retorted...LOL

So three weeks around Norway.....never used the gas bottle once...result!


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