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Jul 17, 2005
Enjoyable couple of hours out in the bat cave this afternoon, wasn't going to venture out today as my legs were really painful, but i hate just hanging around, so off i hobbled :D

Made a few things, started a three propellor whimmy diddle from a piece of Spindle, a bow drill bow from a bit of willow i collected the other day, a weather stick, a single propellor whimmy diddle and a hand drill hearth, also strpped some Greengage cuttings from the garden of their bark for cordage making.

20180906_164330 by Mark D Emery, on Flickr

as someone is bound to ask whats a weather stick, well its a stick with the bark peeled off, you pin it to wall, shed, out building etc and if the stick rises its going to be fine, if it starts to droop its going to rain, if its hanging vertically down, its already raining ;-)

20180906_164238 by Mark D Emery, on Flickr

I also looked at some of the willow rounds i collected on Monday, ie the left overs from my bast collecting, dont you just love the way willow oxidises into the most incredible shade of pink.

20180906_144154 by Mark D Emery, on Flickr
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
That pink color happens here to diamond willow.
Except for the massive fungus scars, our willow looks exactly like yours.

Do you have animals which form life-time pair bonds, male & female?
Maybe carve their heads at each end of the bow to hold the cord in their mouths/beaks.